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Amber Christian

Amber Christian commented

Has anyone gotten their orders.or any update?

kenneth holmes

kenneth holmes commented

Is this ever going to be fulfilled???

Joe Schultz

Joe Schultz commented

Any update would be greatly appreciated. "All items to be fulfilled by 22 February, 2019 unless otherwise stated." ... I've yet to see anything else posted about it.

Kristoffer Kielich

Kristoffer Kielich commented

Is there any update on this? When can we expect the dvd to ship?

Jackson Gonzales

Jackson Gonzales commented

I agree we deserve an update on the shipment of our product for which we have already paid for.

Chris B Schultz

Chris B Schultz commented

Do we know who signed the vinyl yet? Also, what is the track listing? Thank you.

John Sanders

John Sanders commented

**************************WARNING******************************To anyone interested in backing a PledgeMusic Project: I HIGHLY warn against doing so. Myself and many other backers, who have backed the Andrew W.K. "You're Not Alone" project spent anywhere from $20 to $250, were supposed to receive our orders by March 3rd, and it is now May 4th and we haven't received any of our orders, or an official update from PledgeMusic since MARCH 19th. To view the insanity, follow this link to the project page and see what kind of a mess PledgeMusic is running:

Jeff Hilliker

Jeff Hilliker commented

This is not indicative of most of the artists on Pledge Music and it has nothing to do with Pledge Music, it’s the artist & their management team that make it run smoothly...or not.
I can say I’ve supported 15 projects and only been disappointed by one. Things happen unfortunately. Hopefully the artist gets it straightened out and fixes the situation. It’s also not uncommon for delays to happen, I’m waiting on an artists project that has been delayed for a year now. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances come up

Michael Evans

Michael Evans commented

I pre-ordered the signed vinyl.
Fulfillment Date: February 22, 2019
Wow! It will be quite the surprise when I get it because I will have forgotten about it by then.

Michael Evans

Michael Evans commented

Who signs the Vinyl release that is $40?

Greg Burdette

Greg Burdette commented

Hope to see you at ROCK ON THE RANGE. Ive been to about 200 concerts. I think your film is a great idea! Most people dont understand the love and passion we share.

Cory Copeland

Cory Copeland commented

Who is signing the vinyl? I understand the others depend on the festival, but this item is just a signed vinyl?


Michael Evans

Michael Evans commented

I just ordered one so I hope it's not Pete from the shipping department.

Kelly Frye

Kelly Frye commented

I'm only guessing, but by the looks of the signature, I think Jonathan McHugh will be signing it since he's the director. Again, only a guess. But the signature looks like his name..