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Campaign Termnination

It has come to our attention earlier in the week that Pledge Music has been dealing with difficulties behind closed doors over several months and have failed to make it public. It’s good for us a...

Mwnci Mwnci!

RECORDING!! So, we spent our second weekend in Mwnci studios in west Wales, in idyllic and beautiful surroundings. In what seems like the middle of nowhere so noise wasn’t too much of an issue ( which was good..Bonnie Tyler on full blast Friday night – not ashamed to admit! There was dancing!) The brilliant Joe Gibb masterfully herding the LTS kittens and a load of musical loveliness got made. A lot got done but there’s still a load more to do. It’s a tiring and pretty intense process. Lots of waiting around doing nothing, listening to each other do different parts. There’s nerves and sudden sore throats, a complete mind blank when it comes to lyrics or in fact how a certain melody is sung when the record button is pressed ( even though you wrote the song), technical glitches( gremlins) constant tuning, Steve the cat, delicious food ( Darran Browning) discovering that your violinist, not only sings like a bird but also plays piano! Forgotten toothbrushes, fires, photos, videos, missing our kids, listening again and again to songs that we wrote together. Awesome. Thank you to our new pledges too; Alex, John(stretch) and Katie. We hope so much we get to finish this and get it out to you all. Its sounding HUGE!!

More to come. We’ll keep you posted. Happy Tuesday! x

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BBC Radio Wales

The recently released single ‘Wings’ by Lost Tuesday Society featuring Yuzon will be played on the Adam Walton Show on BBC Radio Wales tonight. You can tune in from 10-12pm. Tweet and share as mu...
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Well you’ve made the start to this new year most exciting new pledgers! Thank you so much to Urban Wasteland, Elaine, Rosemarie, Rafi, Jasper and Mike! We’re back in the studio in just over a weeks...