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An unexpected bonus!

Some great news for once!

We were really disappointed that one of the ideas we had to scrap due to the whole Pledge stealing all our money thing was to produce CD copies of the Rale EP. The artwork is our favourite of the three EPs, but without any funds coming in we simply couldn’t afford to produce physical copies of that EP and had to jump straight to manufacturing the full album instead.

An incredible act of generosity from one of you has now made it possible for us to make this CD, meaning anyone who ordered the full limited edition set of all three EPs on CD – which was by far the most popular order we received – will get exactly that. We’ll have them in a few weeks and get them out to you. We’ve put the set up on BandCamp now as a limited edition.

You have been incredibly generous with your Bandcamp orders too – we’re genuinely quite overwhelmed at the generosity shown towards us on here.

Thank you


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