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KOMAGLASS || LOYA 2018. Preorder and pledge LOYA's sophomore darkpop album!


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I’ve been making music for thirteen years and I’ve dabbled with everything under the sun. I’ve experimented with lots of different sounds and said a lot of different things. Only now in the last year have I been able to tap into the most genuine and true voice that is mine. In teaming up with PledgeMusic, I can share the whole process first-hand with you and bring the most exciting LOYA album yet to life.

I truly believe everyone has something good to offer the world in a way that only they can, because it’s them, and it’s unique. Komaglass is undoubtedly the most “LOYA thing” that I’ve ever created, which is why I’m more thrilled about these songs than anything I’ve done before. I finally gave myself permission creatively to do whatever I wanted and it is within this space that I’ve created the most unique and exciting body of work LOYA has ever been attached to. There’s no filler on this album, it’s all pure and from my heart. Sonically it borrows from so many different directions because it’s a expression of myself, and I’m not a one dimensional human, just like you’re not a one dimensional human either. This is the beauty of art and life.

Lyrically these songs are inspired from my direct experiences and they’re experiences most of us can all identify with too: Koma is the Icelandic word for arrival. The title comes from the alien sci-fi movie of the same name, which is based off of a novelette by Ted Chang called “Story of Your Life”: it’s all a metaphor for knowing that an experience will hurt you and be painful, but going through with it anyway because it’s your destiny. Komaglass is my experience and it’s also all of ours at the same time.

As a non-touring and non-performing artist, I rarely am afforded the opportunity to meet those who are invested in and in love with my music. PledgeMusic is the only platform that not only allows you preorder and pledge to create the album but ALSO allows you be with me every step of the process, from going through my demos with me, to tracking in the studio, and see everything that goes into making LOYA. Any pledge you make comes with the All-Access Pass that allows you view my continuous update of the whole Komaglass project. This is an experience I deeply anticipate sharing with you. Thank you for your support.

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Apparel & CD's

AccessPass: Komaglass Digital Download

Komaglass Digital Download

Preorder the sophomore album from LOYA and you will receive your full digital download one week before the album is released!

Komaglass CD

Komaglass CD
177 left

The Komaglass CD features:

- Jewel case CD
- Full album artwork and design
- All song lyrics
- Will be shipped to you prior to the official release date!

'Komaglass' Signed CD

'Komaglass' Signed CD
188 left

Jewel case CD with full artwork signed by LOYA himself.

LOYA Emblem Dog Tag

LOYA Emblem Dog Tag

The notorious “L Dash” emblem on black tag on silver bead chain.

Original LOYA Hoodie Limited Edition

Original LOYA Hoodie Limited Edition
4 left

The original limited edition LOYA hoodie featuring the “L Dash” logo on breast and and full logo on back, printed on premium 80/20 Independent’s.


Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
24 left

Hold on to a piece of original LOYA art! Choose your favorite song and LOYA will transcribe the lyrics by hand for you to keep forever.

Premium Exclusive

“The Vault” (Unreleased LOYA Demos)

“The Vault” (Unreleased LOYA Demos)
6 left

For the diehard LOYA-heads, “The Vault” contains over a half hour of unreleased LOYA music, exclusive to this campaign and not be released to the general public otherwise. Including reworks and original versions of certain songs, a cover, and B-sides that were deemed too divergent from the style of “Komaglass” to appear on the record. Sent as a digital download to the first 8 who claim!

Cover Song of Your Choice

Cover Song of Your Choice
4 left

LOYA has been asked to cover countless songs by different artists. Now is your opportunity to hear the cover YOU want to hear! You choose the song (within reason) and it’ll be covered, recorded and sent directly to you!

Pledging with this item also includes printing your name in the liner notes of the album!

VIP Digital Concert & Ultimate Pledge Exclusive

VIP Digital Concert & Ultimate Pledge Exclusive
3 left

LOYA has never conducted a live performance in the history of its existence: now, you can be the first and possibly only person to witness LOYA in concert through your screen:

- Yourself and up to two of your friends may view a private, digital LOYA concert via Skype or Google Hangout.

- Your name placed first in liner notes of album

- Personal Q & A after performance

- Autographed jewel case CD with full artwork signed by LOYA himself.

- Komaglass T-Shirt features the album artwork design printed on premium cotton fabrics.

- The notorious “L Dash” emblem on black tag on silver bead chain.

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