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Kellie Hanna

Kellie Hanna commented

Hi I supported your album so will I still be getting the album ?

Artist response
Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops commented

Yes! All orders will be honored in advance of the official release date of September 20th. Thanks for your support!

Debo Paci

Debo Paci commented

still nothing receved… order long long time ago….


Patrick MONNAERT commented

À quand la France, Merci Lucky Chops !!!

Wheaton Kearney

Wheaton Kearney commented

Ah man! February 14th now?!? I was really looking forward to getting this in like 19 days! Is the sheet music still coming out in September, or do we have to wait? :(

Jeremy Ave

Jeremy Ave commented

Why is the date now, February 2019 instead of September 30. Are we still able to get our stuff at September 30? My band and I are excited to play your music!

Alex Parker

Alex Parker commented

I just ordered the early access to digital sheet music of the album and I want to know when I will have acess to the sheet music.

Artist response
Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops commented

Hello! The sheet music will be available upon the album's release in a few months, stay tuned!

Daniel Scain Farenzena

Daniel Scain Farenzena commented

Hi Lucky Chops. I believe you are ultra busy so it is unlikely that you can catch up with such a request but... I saw you have one product which is a thank you video. Would you be able to record one today to my best friend? It is his birthday today and we tried to go your concert in Porto Alegre, Brazil, but it was canceled. He is learning how to play the Clarinet and we love Lucky Chops. If so, let me know and I will hit the shop.
Thank you so much!

Ethan Hardy

Ethan Hardy commented

Does the sheet music for without you and Coco include Leo's bari parts?

Artist response
Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops commented


Hannes Hofer

Hannes Hofer commented

Congrats to the 100%! Another question: Are the solos from „Without you 4 tonite“ and „Coco“ included in the signed sheet music?

Bryce Humbrecht

Bryce Humbrecht commented

Make sure y’all come back down to New Orleans when y’all tour. Our street bands may have been your inspiration but y’all have also been pretty inspirational to some of us too...