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Hannes Hofer

Hannes Hofer commented

Hey guys, lover from italy here, just a simple question:
Will the signed sheet music be released at the same time like your album or will it be realesed/sent earlier? Wish you the best luck and can't wait to hear your new songs!

Niels Lukkesen

Niels Lukkesen commented

I just ordered your signed
Vinyl :-) when will it arrive in belgium...? Many love from me and my familie!!!

William Hamson

William Hamson commented

Please include the awesome melody on the album, that made you viral on Facebook - the NY Subway bit! Just ordering my signed vinyl! :)

Brian Diaz

Brian Diaz commented

I know that on the signed music sheets it shows Coco and Without You. Will those be the only songs? Or will there be more?

Erica Miller

Erica Miller commented

Loving the 4 instant downloads. Can't wait for the full album. You should consider touring to Kansas City. :)

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson commented

Hey, would you post the CD to Australia? Thanks

Artist response
Lucky Chops

Lucky Chops commented


Colin Magann

Colin Magann commented

Do you accept debit or is this all through credit?

David Witt

David Witt commented

I had a great time at your show when I saw you a while back in Cincinnati. Would love to see you again. I think it would be a great show IMHO if you would tour with Too Many Zooz so that Leo P could play with you some.

Tadej Marolt

Tadej Marolt commented


I know this is a long shot but still, will you might performe in near future in Slovenia?


Sean Leard

Sean Leard commented

Are you guys going to do anything near Atlanta

Sean Leard

Sean Leard commented


Vicky Read

Vicky Read commented

Hi guys
I am in the UK and my son is a massive fan of yours and desperate to see you play live, the only problem is is that he is only 8 and everywhere you have played over here so far has a minimum age of at least 14!
While I would love to, I am unable to pledge enough to get him a pop up concert or private concert, so he is over the moon that that he will be getting a copy of the album, however, will you ever be playing anywhere over here that he will be able to come to before he is 14...?

Andrea Müller

Andrea Müller commented

I suppose, that it's generally regulated in the UK, that concerts can only be attended if you're at least 14 and that the Lucky Chops will have no influence on this. Unlike in Germany, for example... you can go to any concert in accompaniment with your parents