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Happy New Year!

happy new year everyone. To everyone who didn’t receive your gift yet – all resends went out today. because of the holiday, you should have mid next week. anyone who still hasn’t received please ...

Christmas is here everybody!!!!!!!

Christmas is here everybody!!!!!!! yay or nay? check out my newest xmas song and please share like crazy.


Also if you haven’t made nye plans yet – Me and my band will be performing at THEIRIDIUM.COM. DEC. 31-JAN 2. Located right in times square. We will walk together after the show and go watch the legendary BALL DROP. Sounds like a proper juicy terrific NYE to me. Hope you can make it. God Bless you HUGE AND ALWAYS!


Hello. Happiest Holidays ever!

Hello. Happiest Holidays ever.

I’ve just got back from a souled out US tour. Thanx to all of you who made it so splendid. You’ll have all your gifts and THE WAY PART II, by December 18th – my moms birthday!

Thank you for making the record possible. It took way longer than we thought. But I got so nervous about the fact that you were waiting for it, I kept starting over. So it’s your fault. But finally we came up with something I think will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, any item that hasn’t sold is half off and we might surprise you with some new stuff – so keep a look out. I love you for what you did.

Thank you.


AccessPass Update

Watch the brand new "THE WAY" video!!! Not on youtube yet!!

Hey! Watch the brand new “THE WAY” video!!! Not on youtube yet!! Starring pledgers: Dawnette Hanson Svatlana Sangary Claudia Valentino Thank you. It’s because of you. Spread the word. LOVE h...