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"Fighter Book"

Join me in in the creation of my first book, "Fighter" "The five keys to conquering fear and reaching your dreams."

Audio Book Recorded

of goal


I’m super excited to announce that my book “Fighter” is finally done.
I’ve been working on it for over 1.5 years at home and on tour.

I don’t know about you, but I love books. I could point to different books in my library and tell you how they changed my life. With music I only have a few minutes in a song to share my heart, and sometimes even less after a show.
So with “Fighter” I thought I could really give you more of me.

By pledging, you’ll have a chance to come behind-the-scenes and be a part of how the creation process unfolds. Your pledge opens up that door and takes you inside of the book’s words and pages.

Check out the list of items to the right that you can also enjoy.

In sharing in this story of “Fighter,” we’ll also be helping out World Vision, with a portion of your pledges going to them.

This book has been a long time in the making and I’m stoked for you to be apart of it in this unique way.

I can’t thank all my fans enough! This is for you!


5% of goal
5% of goal will go to World Vision.

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AccessPass: Fighter - Digital & Audio Book

Fighter - Digital & Audio Book

By pledging, you’ll get download of both the digital and audio book, PLUS access to exclusive updates featuring unreleased content from the book.

Hard Cover Edition of "Fighter"

Hard Cover Edition of "Fighter"

One Copy of the Hard Cover Edition of Fighter, delivery anywhere in the world included. Plus the audio and E-book versions.

Exclusive T-Shirt + Book


Brand new design just for Pledgers plus The Hard copy of the Book Fighter and audio and E-Book editions as well

Fighter Necklace and Book

Fighter Necklace and Book
17 left

Manafest Fighter Book plus exclusive Fighter boxing gloves Necklace with Fighter and Manafest engraved on gloves. Plus Audio & E-Book editions

Signed Copy of "Fighter"

Signed Copy of "Fighter"
35 left

Signed Hard Cover Edition of Fighter.

Plus the audio and Ebook

Book and Hat Package

Book and Hat Package
All gone!

Hard copy of “Fighter” and one of these limited Manafest hats

Hoody Sweatshirt + 2 Signed Books

Hoody Sweatshirt + 2 Signed Books
All gone!

The hoody plus two signed books & Audio/Digital versions of the book.

Manafest Merch Pack

6 left

Two signed Copies of the Hard Cover Edition of “Fighter”. Exclusive T-Shirt, “I’m a Fighter” wrist band, 5 stickers. Also includes Audio Book version, eBook edition, a copy of Fighter CD.

Exclusive Manafest Skateboard + Book

Exclusive Manafest Skateboard + Book
All gone!

Exclusive Manafest Skateboard that I used to ride. Comes with two copies of Fighter book plus stickers.

Music & Book Package

Music & Book Package
9 left

Signed copy of Book, plus E-Book & Audio Book Versions.

1 signed physical copy of: Epiphany, Glory, Citizens Activ, The Chase, Live CD/DVD, Fighter Plus Digital versions of Misled Youth & My Own Thing.

Bonus Free Manafest Instrumentals to write your own songs.

4 VIP Tickets 2013

9 left

4 VIP Tickets to Manafest show, Eat dinner and hang out with Manafest, maybe go skate, drink tea plus Q & A Session. Plus 4 signed copies of Fighter book, and audio/E-book editions. Signed Poster, T-Shirt & I’m A Fighter Wristband included.

Signed Hand Carved Manafest Skateboard

Signed Hand Carved Manafest Skateboard
7 left

Includes two signed copies of the book & Fighter Necklace.

Skype Call + More

5 left

30 Minute Skype call with Manafest plus two Signed Copies of Fighter Book. Audio & E-book versions. Plus limited edition T-Shirt, Signed Poster and 5 stickers.

Live To Give Package

8 left

- 20 signed copies of Fighter Book to give to your friends.
- Audio Book version, E-Book edition, a signed copy of Fighter CD
- 5 stickers
- 2 Manafest T-Shirts
- 2 signed posters

Custom Song

2 left

I will write and record for you a custom song on the topic of your choice, to be agreed upon of course… :) plus 3 Signed copies of Fighter Book including Audio & E-book versions.

Private Concert/Speaking Engagement

5 left

Have Manafest speak and perform at your house, event, church, school, party with his band anywhere in North America (Canada/US) or you pay the difference in travel.

Includes: 50 signed copies of Fighter book, 50 copies of Fighter CD 100 posters Plus one Audio Book version, E-Book edition of Fighter.

Scheduling and details to be organized with Manafest Management.

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