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Coming Back (Doug Weier Remix) Cover + Download

We are releasing one more single before the album comes out and designed this sick new cover for it. We are keeping in line with the yellow/black theme we got going on. Download it here: https:/...
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Jamming to the new CD in the car!

I got the final CD test master in the mail yesterday!

Had to pop it in the truck and jam out to make sure everything is sounding perfect!

Can’t wait to sign your guy’s CDs and let’s do an online listening party really soon.

Playing Joshua Fest in sunny California this weekend.

Hope to see you at a show soon

Also planning a music video shoot for one of the songs you voted on!



100% + Vote which song we should shoot a music video for!


We did it, we hit it 100% of the goal baby!

Now I need your help…. Which song should we shoot a music video for?

  1. - You’re Gonna Rise (Doug Weier Remix)
  2. - #1 – Coming Back (Doug Weier Remix)
  3. - ???

Post below which song you think we should film a music video for?

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99% Funded!


I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your support!
We hit 99% and today is the last day for us to hit our goal.

Let’s crush 100% today!

Also, I wanted you to see inside the artwork.

Ryan from Demon Hunter (Invisible Creature) did an amazing job with the yellow/black contrast.

As soon as the CDs come in I will start signing and shipping them out to you weeks before the release date!

Can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the album!

Make sure you download your 5 songs now and I’ll be releasing a 6th to pledgers only when we hit 100%

What song do you want me to release next?

God Bless


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Manafest Music Video Anthology Added


We are ordering the 8GB USB Skateboards today with 14 releases and I was able to include over 20 Manafest Music Videos!
Plus a few extra exclusive stuff you might not have ever seen or heard.

I hope it’s ok if I over deliver?!?!

Seriously, thank you so much for your support of this new album.
It’s sounding incredible, and everything is coming together so awesome.

I’ll do a live chat tonight to share more what’s happening

God Bless and have a great week!