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Update #14 / Final Vinyl Proofs

Hey dudes, Just wanted to very briefly touch base to tell you that the album IS coming VERY SOON, and to reassure you all that you’re not involved in some sort of online scam. Here are the final ...
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Update #13 / Title Track Stream & Video / 5 Days Till Closing

Hello everyone,

With just five days remaining until this project ends I thought I’d share with you all the album’s title and closing track. It’s a four-minute ambient piece, which was originally intended to be just a simple guitar instrumental. It didn’t quite feel usable – so with the help of some audio-stretching software and various different plugins I manipulated the track into what you can now hear and watch below (a crystallised version of the original guitar can be heard throughout the track).

Also – if you have epilepsy then maybe just listen and don’t watch the video. I don’t think it’s that bad but it’s best to be safe.

Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey – and if you’re just visiting then I thank you all the same for your support and interest in what I do.

I’ll be in touch again very soon!

Over and out,


AccessPass Update

Update #12 / Final Track-List / 4 Weeks Till Closing

Pals, I hope you’re all doing great. Apologies for the radio silence (yet again). One of the reasons I started this project in the first place was to give me some sort of incentive to stay connec...
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