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Album Update #15: The Reimagining EP

Hello friends!

It’s been a couple of months and I’ve missed you all dearly. Although my second full-length solo album is still not done yet, I do have a surprise for you – a gift as a token of my appreciation.

If you’ve been following my last few updates, you know that I promised to have my acoustic EP, The Reimagining, ready for you before the end of the year and, truth be told, it’s been quite a mission.

I’m happy to say that the EP is done and ready for release and, although it won’t be coming out publicly for at least a couple of months into 2017, you are all getting it for free right now!

Consider this my thank you for being so patient and understanding regarding how long it’s been since I first launched this campaign and I hope this tides you over until the new album is ready.

Thank you for sticking by me and I can’t wait to share even more new music with you very soon. I love you all dearly. Please share the love and have an amazing 2017!

Marcio Novelli


The Reimagining: Vol. 1

My new acoustic EP, featuring reimagined renditions of some of my previously released material, available exclusively to my Pledgers for free as a thank you for your patience and support. Look out for my second full-length solo album coming out some time in 2017!

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