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New Album

Pledge to get our new album first! Gain exclusive access to limited items like recording sessions, oop stuff & more!


of goal

After 3.5 full length albums, released indie/major/self, Margot is exploring the Direct-to-Fan way of releasing records. In the past, we haven’t attempted this model because, quite honestly, a lot of the campaigns we saw felt disingenuous and at times, distasteful. We didn’t feel we had incentives to make it as cool as we wanted it to be, and we weren’t willing to peddle old t-shirts or stick Red Bull banners on the bus to make it happen. But now it’s 2011, and we feel like we have enough cool things to make it worthwhile; and we have the songs to make a great record.

Working on this record makes us very happy. And now we have people who make us very happy coming into the picture and asking if they can be involved in promoting this album. So to finish it, in the manner we feel it deserves, we thought we would spend a couple months putting together a list of incentives for people who were kind enough to contribute to the funding of a full length Margot LP. If, at the end of two months, we hadn’t come up with things that we personally would love to purchase from a band we were fans of, we would’ve forgotten the whole thing and finished the album in Tyler’s bathroom… or something.

Well, we think we came up with a solid list of incentives, so we don’t feel too bad asking y’all to consider pledging whatever you can to help us finish our best record. As you can see from the list of incentives, you’ll have access to a whole load of stuff that we’ve dug out of the Margot vaults, including long out of print 7"s, test pressings, the “payphone” single, super rare versions of the new album, never before released demos, etc etc etc. We’ve tried to make the list unique, so be sure to look at the list carefully.

We have also tried to capture the long lost magic of the Tuesday release, record store experience by offering some “Record Club” packages, that give access to tons of unreleased Margot material, delivered to pledgers on various Tuesdays over the course of the year, so check those out.

Again, we aren’t selling items, or pre-selling the record; we are asking those of you who have a more intense relationship with Margot’s music to actually assist the band in creating a new album. And we hope you get some cool stuff in exchange for your contribution.

Thanks for reading.


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AccessPass: New Record Digital Album

New Record Digital Album

By pledging here, you’re helping us make this record. Thus, it’s only fair to give you a copy -- the new album, delivered to your online dropbox on release date. You also get access to the updates/videos/songs we post exclusively on Pledge.

The New Record - Physical CD

All gone!

For those of you who still appreciate a good jewel case, we’re offering a physical CD of the new record, shipped to you to arrive by release date, sans stinky record store clerk. Pledging also gives you access to Pledge exclusive updates/videos/mp3’s.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

Pledge Exclusive Margot T-Shirt

All gone!

Exclusive t-shirt design for Pledgers. You select the size, and we’ll ship out the t-shirts. Pledge exclusive updates/videos/mp3’s included.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

The New Record Signed CD

All gone!

Delivered to your mailbox as soon as we have had a chance to sign them…Pledging also gives you access to Pledge exclusive updates/videos/mp3’s.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

The New Record Signed Vinyl

All gone!

Delivered to your mailbox on or before release date. The new vinyl signed by us! Pledge exclusive updates/videos/mp3’s included.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

Margot Record Club Silver Level


In the spirit of reliving some of our favorite record store memories, we’ve created a special online Margot Record Club. There are two levels: Silver and Gold. The Silver Level gives you a digital copy of the new record, plus all the Pledge exclusive updates/videos/mp3’s, as well as extra stuff in our online dropbox. Every Tuesday for the month leading up to the new album’s release, we will be delivering large collections of unreleased music from our vaults. All albums, all eras. You’ll also get exclusive ustream access to recording sessions/performances. Any pledge of $35-$54 gets you Silver Club status automatically.


All gone!

With these pledge packages, we really wanted to give people an opportunity to get something unique from it. We recognize and appreciate how some of you have given our music a place in your heart, and we especially wanted you to get some one-of-a-kind stuff. Thus, we’ve collected some items from our archives and personal collections to present to you. Each of these unique items will come with a sheet of original lyrics or album notes pulled from Richard’s old notebooks, and a handwritten note explaining the notes/lyrics. They will also be signed!!!

1. Test pressing (Animal Style) – Before a manufacturer does a vinyl pressing, they press a couple copies to make sure the entire batch will be good. These copies are called “test pressings.” What’s the rarest of the rare for vinyl fans? Probably a test pressing for a record that’s out of print. A. 3 copies of “Animal” available. B. 1 copy of “Not Animal” available.

2. Buzzard Test Pressings – Second verse, same as the first, except for Buzzard. 2 copies available.

3. New album test pressings. Shipped to arrive by release date, these test pressings will literally be the very first vinyl pressings of the new record. 3 copies available.

4. Broadripple 7’’: The first recorded version of Broadripple is burning was on a 7", released on Artemis. This 7" is long out of print, but we’ve managed to find a few. They’re hand numbered. 3 copies available.
5. Animal/Not Animal double CD: Epic made some double cd’s for this record to send out to press. These were never sold…. strictly promotional. 3 copies available.
6. Brand New Key 7" test pressing: The Brand New Key 7" was released for National Record Store Day in 2007. This is the test pressing for that 7". 1 copy available.
7. Original photo proofs from “The dust of retreat” photo sessions. 2 copies available.
8. Original artwork proofs for Buzzard vinyl. The hard proofs from the manufacturer for the Buzzard vinyl. 1 copy available.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

Margot Record Club Gold Level


In the spirit of reliving some of our favorite record store memories, we are offering GOLD LEVEL memberships to our new music club. You will get everything from the Silver Level of the Record Club (digital copy, ustream video stuff, etc.), PLUS the long-awaited “Payphone” single, a spot on the Dust of Retreat" Vinyl Priority List, new footage from the yet unreleased “la blogotheque” documentary, and footage from Margot’s first show (playing never-released ‘dust’ songs). Any pledge of $55-$1250 gets you Gold Club status automatically.

“Dust of Retreat” Vinyl Priority List basically puts you at the top of the list of people who can order it. You will absolutely be the first people to be able to buy “Dust” on vinyl when it is done.

-Digital content delivered on various Tuesdays, organized by the album they pertain to
-week, or month, one
a. Unreleased demos and videos from “The dust of retreat”
-week, or month, two
b. Same as above, but for Animal/not animal
-week, or month, three
c. Same, but for Buzzard
-Final week
d. Same, but for the new record

Colored Vinyl Record Club

All gone!

This deluxe vinyl package gets you the new album on vinyl, as well as Gold Level membership to the Margot Record Club. This package combines the best of both worlds -- digital convenience and old school analog fidelity. With your Gold Level membership, you’ll also have access to our entire online dropbox. Every Tuesday for the month leading up to the new album’s release, we will be delivering large collections of unreleased music from our vaults -- all albums, all eras. Plus, the long-awaited “Payphone” single, new footage from the yet unreleased “la blogotheque” documentary, footage from Margot’s first show (playing never-released “Dust” songs), exclusive ustream access to recording sessions/performances, and much more. Did we mention that ONLY the Pledge vinyl will be white?

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

New CD and Whole Back Catalogue

All gone!

New CD and all of our CD back catalogue delivered to your mailbox as soon as they’re ready! You get the new record, “Buzzard,” “Not Animal,” and “the Dust of Retreat,” “Daytrotter,” and Gold Record Club membership included.

International pledgers please add an additional $10 for shipping costs

Attend our Private CD Release Party

All gone!

To take place in Indy or Chicago at a location to be determined. Prior to the release of the new record, we will celebrate its completion by throwing a kickass party. We will debut the record as well as perform some songs. You and a guest can attend -- getting first listen to the new record in its entirety, hanging out with the band and witnessing a pretty special performance. Gold Club Membership included. includes a party only print and hand designed CD.

Come to a rehearsal

8 left

You and a friend can come to our rehearsal or we can Skype/video chat you in if you can’t get there. Gold Membership included. *If you Skype to the rehearsal, you can have as many people around your computer as you want.

Skype Performance

1 left

We’ll perform two songs of your choice acoustically for you via video chat! Only Richard’s attendance can be guaranteed. Gold membership included. IF YOU ARE PLEDGING FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, PLEASE PLEDGE AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE SO WE CAN SCHEDULE OR RECORD THE PERFORMANCE IN TIME.

We’ll record and post personal performances instead of skyping if scheduling does not work out

Virtual Studio Day

10 left

Get a virtual tour and a glimpse into some actual recording takes for the new record. You’ll get a signed copy of the CD and Gold Membership access as well. Time of virtual visit to be arranged.

2 x VIP Passes show of your choice


2 x VIP passes to a show of your choice (2 pairs of tickets available for each May show). Includes:
a. Guestlist spot (“plus 1”) to the show
b. Special “meet-and-greet” with the band members
c. Bus tour
d. Attend soundcheck
e. Signed setlist
f. Gold Record Club membership

Here’s the tour list:
04/07/11: DeKalb, IL: Otto’s Nightclub (2 avail)
04/08/11: Iowa City, IA: Blue Moose Tap House (2 avail)
04/09/11: Kansas City, MO: Middle of the Map – The Beaumont (2 avail)
04/14/11: Lansing, MI: The Loft (2 avail)
04/15/11: Lexington, KY: Buster’s (2 avail)

Supporting the Twilight Singers
May 4:Oxford MS: Proud Larry’s (2 avail)
May 5: Atlanta GA: Masquerade (2 avail)
May 6: Nashville TN: Mercy Lounge (2 avail)
May 7: Carrboro NC: Cat’s Cradle (2 avail)
May 9: Washington D.C.: 9:30 Club (2 avail)
May 10: Philadelphia PA: Trocodero (2 avail)
May 11: Boston MA: Paradise (2 avail)
May 13: New York NY: Webster Hall (2 avail)
May 14: Pittsburgh PA: Mr. Small’s Theatre (2 avail)
May 15: Detroit MI: St. Andrews Hall (2 avail)
May 16: Newport KY: Southgate House (2 avail)
May 17: Chicago IL: Metro (2 avail)
May 18: Minneapolis MN: Varsity Theatre (2 avail)
May 21: Portland OR: Wonder Ballroom (2 avail)
May 22: Seattle WA: Showbox (2 avail)
May 24: San Francisco CA: The Fillmore (2 avail)
May 25: Los Angeles CA: The Music Box (2 avail)
May 27: San Diego CA: Belly Up (2 avail)
May 28: Phoenix AZ: The Clubhouse (2 avail)
May 30: Dallas TX: Granada Theatre (2 avail)
May 31: Austin TX: The Parish (2 avail)
June 1: Houston TX: Warehouse Live Studio (2 avail)
June 3: New Orleans LA: Tipitina’s (2 avail)

Your Name in the Credits

All gone!

With a special ‘thank you’ from the band. Copy of the CD and Gold membership included.

Erik Plays on Your Record

2 left

Erik plays violin or slide guitar on your record. Gold membership included. *Travel not included. Recording to either take place remotely, with demos and takes sent back and forth electronically, or recorded live at Queensize Studios in Indianapolis.

Tyler Mixes Your Song


Send your song’s protools session or WAV files to Tyler and he’ll consult with you and mix the song. Gold Membership included

"Dust" Acoustic Guitar (Signed)

All gone!

As you know, there’s a lot of acoustic guitar on “The Dust of Retreat.” Those parts were all recorded using a beat up old Stargazer acoustic guitar. The first pledge of $750 gets the actual guitar, signed and with and with a handwritten note authenticating the guitar. Gold Membership included.

Record a 2-song Single with Us!


Record for two days at Queensize Studios in Indianapolis. Tyler records you and Richard provides production notes. Erik provides overdubs as needed/requested. Gold Membership included. If you, or your band, has a bigger recording project, just contact us through the pledge questions for discounted, longer term rates.

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