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of goal

“‘Matt,when are you ever going to release that album you did with Chris Difford?”, “How come that record didn’t see the light of day then?”…”Is there somewhere I can buy that album you recorded a while ago down at Difford’s studio..?”…..”Where’s your moustache gone?”….

Just some of the questions I’ve been asked by people over the past decade wanting a copy of an album that got lovingly written and recorded but never released…. Well thanks to the new bespoke record label Monks Road, I can finally answer those questions with a “Yes, we hope to be releasing it this year!”. and “ My moustache got left on a tour bus back in ’99”….

With your help,we can make this happen with what I hope will be an exciting Pledge campaign aimed at dusting down the pristine analogue masters of an album recorded live at Helioscentric Studios back in 2003 and turning it into an all analogue vinyl pressing along with sparkling CD and download versions as well…Featuring a live studio band of the best players in bassist Neil Corcoran of Mother Earth, producer,pianist Richard Causon of Whisky Town and drummer Ash Soan of Terry Reid,Marrianne Faithful and quite a few more….

It’s called ‘Kids Steal Feelings’ with the music written,played and sung by myself with the lyrics by Chris Difford along with some tasty co-writes with pianist and producer of the album Richard Causon who will also be overseeing the lacquer mastering with me.

No corners are being cut with the manufacturing of this album, the whole thing is 100% tape straight to the wax lacquers so you will be hearing it as it was supposed to be heard…aahhh your turntables will smile …and your Cd players and iPods will grin too….

I’ve tried to offer some interesting exclusives here to make things that more tempting which will include getting my art brushes out again…We need your support in reaching our goal and in return we’ll be offering what I think is a fine album that has simply been fermenting quietly in the background until now….


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AccessPass: Digital download of 'Kids Steal Feelings'

Digital download of 'Kids Steal Feelings'

The digital download, in mp3 and FLAC, sent to your inbox on release day

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album CD

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album CD

Get the new Matt Deighton and Chris Difford album on CD, delivered to your doorstep as soon as it’s ready! In a high-quality digipak.

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album CD Signed

‘Kids Steal Feelings’  Album CD Signed
181 left

Get the album on CD, signed by Matt and delivered to your doorstep as soon as it’s ready. In a high-quality digipak.

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album Coloured Vinyl Signed

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album Coloured Vinyl Signed
210 left

The album on wonderful, coloured vinyl. Pressed onto 180gm coconut coloured vinyl including the all important full colour lyrics inner sleeve.

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album Test Pressing

‘Kids Steal Feelings’ Album Test Pressing
All gone!

One of the album vinyl test pressings.

Only two will be publicly available.

10” one-sided studio acetate

10” one-sided studio acetate
All gone!

One off special 10” one sided studio acetate featuring two alternate mixes from the album,signed by Matt and mastered from the original tapes.

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