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Honey From the Ice Box

I'm making my first ever solo album and I want you to be a part of it! Pledge and join me in the process!


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Welcome Friends, Lovers, Eve 6 fans!

Thank you for finding me here. Here’s the skinny, if you will. The long and the short of it, so to speak. In January I wrote a bunch of songs and it became clear to me that these songs were to comprise my first solo record. In February I started recording, without a record deal or any sort of plan in place, completely on my own resources. I recruited friend and Fountains of Wayne drummer Brian Young to lay down some drum tracks and before I knew it we had the record tracked. Then came the question of how we would finance it; pay the people involved, get it mixed and mastered and out.

I was fortunate to be introduced to the people at PledgeMusic who offered their assistance. Some of you may already be familiar with this model but for those of you who aren’t, it’s basically an interactive rock and roll adventure with few rules and lots of devilish creativity that helps get records made.

In the coming weeks I will be more of a social networker than any of us thought possible. You will get access to all of my exclusive video updates about what’s happening in the studio and where we are in the process. You’ll also have the chance to get involved in a variety of exclusive merchandise and interactive experiences that I’ve never made available or done before.

This is my first solo record ever and I’m really proud of it. Looking forward to going down this road with all of you.




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AccessPass: Honey From The Ice Box

Honey From The Ice Box

Get a digital download of the new album before its released, PLUS exclusive pledger-only updates throughout the entire process.

New Album on CD


The new album available on CD PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Signed 8x10 Photo

68 left

A high quality image signed by me and just for you.

Handwritten "Thank You" Note

All gone!

A unique post card written just for you and signed.

Signed CD

128 left

The new CD. Signed.

Exclusive T-Shirt

Exclusive T-Shirt

New design just for pledgers. Includes album download.

Signed Vinyl

166 left

For the audiophile, the new record on warm-sounding vinyl and signed.

Signed Silk Screen Poster

77 left

An exclusively designed silk screen poster, signed.

T – Shirt + get on the guest list!

T – Shirt + get on the guest list!
59 left

Get an exclusive Max Collins T-Shirt, designed just for Pledgers, and get on the list for the LA show of your choosing!

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

All gone!

The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way.

Signed CD + T Shirt + Sticker


Get the new CD signed, the exclusive T shirt, and a sticker.

Disposable Camera

2 left

An entire camera’s worth of unique pics taken from Max’s every day life

Voicemail Message

9 left

I’ll record your new voicemail greeting for you.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD

All gone!

You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes, you’ll practically famous. PLUS a signed CD.

20 Questions Skype

5 left

Think of 20 questions for me to answer via Skype. Don’t hold back!

Ultimate Package


Almost everything: signed CD, new tee, signed poster, the lyric sheet, the 8×10 photo, PLUS your name in the liner notes of the album.

Skype Guitar Lesson

1 left

I’ll teach you the all important art of the power chord and more! 30 min. Includes name in the liner notes.

Be in the Video

All gone!

Make a cameo in my next video. Includes name in the liner notes.

Hand Drawn Picture + Liner Notes

9 left

Get a hand drawn picture by yours truly. It may be a dolphin, it may be a unicorn, it may be a hand turkey. Who knows. Includes name in the liner notes.

Cover song + Eve 6 song


I will sing you my solo rendition of an Eve 6 song plus any other song of your choosing. You’ll get a video and mp3 of the performance.

Mini golfing

2 left

Let’s go miniature golfing.

Up to two people.

Must be within 125 mile radius of LA county.

Rehearsal Hang

5 left

Come watch me rehearse for a whole day in LA and see all the magic of making this album come to life

Signed Guitar [U.S. only]

5 left

Get a signed guitar used by Max in rehearsal.

Please note: Shipping only within United States.

Private Record Release Party

5 left

Come to the private record release party in LA, plus get on stage and play with me! If you don’t play an instrument, grab a triangle or a cowbell.

Trip to Medieval Times

All gone!

Me, you, one of your friends, and some of my closest friends will spend a day enjoying everything Medieval Times has to offer.

Must be within a 125 mile radius of LA county.

"Take Your Max to Work" Day

2 left

I’ll tag along with you to work for the day.

*Pricing will vary if beyond a 125 mile radius of LA county.

Record a Song with Max

2 left

Let’s get together in LA and record a song. Could be a song you wrote, an Eve 6 song, even a Julanes cover. I’ll do it all.

Let's get Ink'd

2 left

Come out to L.A. (Airfare included) and we’ll go to my longitme tattoo artist for matching tats. Half a broken heart puzzle piece tattoo…or any other design of your choice. I’ve just got to approve before we get the ink done.

Write and Record

All gone!

Let’s get together in LA for 2 days and write and record some original songs.

Acoustic House Concert

3 left

Your place. You pick the songs for an acoustic evening of music for you and your friends.

Acoustic House Concert- You Pick the Outfit

3 left

Your dream has come true. I’ll show up at your party and play an intimate set for you and all your friends in anything from a suit and tie to a speedo, goggles, flippers, and a gun holster.

Your Face, My Album

1 left

Want to be famous? An uncomfortably close picture of your face will serve as the album cover to my first ever solo album

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