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Michael Liang

Michael Liang commented

Anyone has picture of the actual T-Shirt? Just want to see the final design before making the order

Artist response

jeff commented

Michael, shirts are no longer available on Pledge. You can get them on the picture there is pretty accurate to what it looks like. You can ask further questions there.

David Kishinevsky

David Kishinevsky commented

Received DVD/BLUray in Perfect condition !!

Callie Michaels

Callie Michaels commented

Anyone else in the USA receive their BluRay yet? I had an address change in June and made sure to update it on PledgeMusic after contacting the project creators, but nothing yet.

Andrea Durante

Andrea Durante commented

Still no news here about the T-Shirts?

Quinn Mears

Quinn Mears commented

Just felt like providing an update for everyone since this has become a thing. My LP and dvd/Blu-ray have arrived all in tact. I am down in New Zealand so after reading the horror stories of broken records and dented media I’m relieved that mine are the lucky minority to be in good shape. They arrived in separate parcels too. I won’t use pledge music again solely because of this whole lacklustre experience.

Joshua Perry

Joshua Perry commented

3LP arrived a few days ago. The jacket is beat up. Corners smashed and top of edges have been torn through by the records inside. Quite a let down for $75 USD plus $10.53 shipping. Media mail via USPS would have charged less than $5, had tracking, and in my experience arrive intact.
Jacket material is flimsy. No packaging extras. No colored vinyl. I fail to see how this justifies $75. I got this because I'm a fan of the band but it's lackluster.


Jeroen commented

Just bought the BluRay and digital download. Do I receive a download code? And when? Not really clear to me. Thanks.

Adam Leonard

Adam Leonard commented

For anyone in Australia who may still be waiting on their order, my Blu-ray/DVD set arrived on 16 August. It was pretty banged up with plenty of dents and cracks in the digipak case.

With the effort that went into this production, I'm disappointed there are no lossless audio options on the Blu-ray; only Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Stereo are available. I understand the audio details were not stated on the pledge, however it's still surprising not to have a lossless audio option, given you know, Metric is known for its music.

Greg Groshan

Greg Groshan commented

Finally received both the DVD/bluray and the vinyl record. They supposedly shipped the same date but arrived in separate packages a week apart. They also supposedly shipped from Canada but appear to have been shipped from Germany. Hmmm... Vinyl is in OK shape but the dvd/bluray case is actually bent and creased on two sides and the plastic inside holding the disc is broken in multiple places. Not surprising since it was basically packaged in a plastic bag and then sent through international shipping. I understand items can become damaged when shipping but it is the shippers responsibility to do whatever they can to prevent damage during shipping and they did not do that. I will be contacting for a replacement.

Cody Greene

Cody Greene commented

I received my 3LP set today. I'm beyond disappointed. The DHL parcel was practically bent in half. The LP jacket is completely shredded and all three records are shattered into several pieces. Needless to say, not at all playable like other posters who’ve said their shipment arrived a little banged up. I hope mine is just an isolated example, but keep an eye out folks.

Cody Greene

Cody Greene commented

The Dreams So Real team promptly wrote back to me to resolve this issue. I greatly appreciate the customer support team! Here's hoping future fragile shipments can be marked and shipped as such. Thanks again!