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Getting it together for a new album!

Join me in recording and releasing my brand new album! Your pledge gains exclusive access from the studio to the stage!


of goal

The Short of it…

Is that I’m making a record!! And I want you to be a part of the entire process! This is an ALL or NOTHING campaign. That means if we don’t meet the goal, all money is returned! My goal is set to cover the bare minimum of costs. PLEDGE takes %15 and an additional %5 will go to the organization Music and Memory. This organization helps elders suffering from alzheimers. This is especially dear to my heart as my grandmother is one of those many elders living in a nursing home trying to make sense of the world through this terrible disease. Ideally we’d love to keep raising as much as possible to make sure this album is completed! Check out rewards on the right hand side of your screen and read below to hear my more elaborate tale.

The Story….

Hi! I’m Michaela and I have created this campaign to make an album with you. In the spring of 2011 I released my first album, To Know Where. I had a full time job then and was just starting to play shows out and looking beyond my local venues in NYC. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of publicly asking for help to make a first record so I did it on my own with help from my immediate family and loved ones. It’s an investment I’m proud to say I do not regret and am still paying off but also seeing the reward from. I felt strongly that I needed to prove to fans and friends alike that I was working hard to create something worth investing in before I even thought of asking you to be involved.

Shortly after the release of that record I quit my job and set out to prove just that. I promoted the record through radio and publicity as much as I possibly could on my own. I set out on my first tours, had incredible experiences performing at Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Kerrville Folk Festival as a finalist in their songwriter contests, went to Miles of Music Camp and taught singing as well as learned so much about performing, writing and playing from the beautiful musicians there. Mel Bay Publications, Inc published two of my books on singing and songwriting and I taught a lot of lessons, classes and workshops to inspiring kids and adults. I had incredible adventures and confirmed for myself that this is exactly what I want and plan to do for the rest of my life.

So here’s the clincher though. Teaching and performing music is incredible but it is not that lucrative. Therefore when I sat down to see about making a new record, I realized what I already knew. I literally can not do it alone. So here I come, humbly presenting to you my work and my goals and adamantly telling you that you can trust I will be dedicated to the success of this record and will gratefully involve those of you who want to be a part of it. I have an amazing producer and guitarist, Jeff Malinowski, an incredibly talented bassist and faithful road warrior, Caitlin Gray, and my trusted, longtime drummer Aaron Shafer-Haiss as the main team on this record. We as well will have special guests lend us their talents throughout the album. Everyone involved is dedicated to making this the best album possible.

There are lots of personalized rewards and incentives and I will keep everyone updated throughout the project. Please take a look and consider being a part of this project.

Money Breakdown!

Making a record these days still costs a bit of money, as I learned on my last record. So, considering the fact that this is an all of or nothing campaign, I’ve set my goal at to cover these costs:


*Musician fees

*Studio time


*Album Design

Here’s what we still would need though:

*Physical Printing of album


*Publicity (hiring a professional and covering expenses of mailers, postage, etc.)

*Radio promotion (same as above)


You can help make this possible by just pre-ordering the record and you will be one of the first to hear it!

So seriously….take the words of my 2 year old self to heart. “the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.”


5% post goal
5% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Music and Memory.

Sample Artist Tracks


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Getting it together for a new album!

Getting it together for a new album!

Pledge to get a digital download of the album as soon as its ready, PLUS exclusive updates along the way.

Postcard + Album Download


I’ll send you a postcard from wherever I may be! In addition to touring, I love to travel so I’ll send you a card as a keepsake from my most recent adventure. Plus new album download.

Signed CD

47 left

CD signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured, personalized to whomever you choose!

Digital photo album


A digital photo album filled with pictures of my travels as a military kid.

The Old & The New - 2 CD's

The Old & The New - 2 CD's

My previous release, “To Know Where”, and the new CD, b0th signed.

Your name in the credits & Signed CD

21 left

Your name in CD credits for posterity. Plus a signed CD.

"To Know Where" T-Shirt

"To Know Where" T-Shirt
44 left

Michaela Anne Tshirt

Michaela Anne Tshirt
28 left

A Michigan-printed Michaela Anne Tshirt.

The Full Catalog - 2CD's & Book

The Full Catalog - 2CD's & Book

“To Know Where” on CD, The New CD, and my Mel Bay Publications First Lesson Voice instructional book

Handwritten lyric sheet

22 left

Handwritten lyrics of a song of your choice from the upcoming album.

Photo Album

17 left

Physical copy of the photo album filled with photos of my travels as a military kid.

Voice or Guitar Lesson

3 left

Voice, guitar (whichever instrument appropriate) lesson in person (NYC only) or via Skype

A song for you....

All gone!

An original song written on the topic of your choice

DELUXE song for you/video/lyric sheet

2 left

An original song written on topic of your choice w/video uploaded to YouTube dedicated to you AS WELL AS hand written letter to you with your lyrics

Deluxe Lessons/Sessions

1 left

3 separate hour-long in-person (NYC area or Michigan) or Skype voice or songwriting sessions.

House Concert Options


House Concert in NYC and outer region (New Jersey, Westchester). I will come to your house and play a living room set just for you or if you’d like your friends to come that’d be great as well! + personalized thank you in Album Liner notes + [all previous rewards]


House Concert anywhere in country as long as it aligns with my tour routing (most likely New England, Midwest and Southeast, possible west coast) + personalized thank you in Album Liner notes

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