My friends: Quick update from Mike Errico

My friends and Pledge backers:

It’s been nearly a year since “Minor Fits” began rolling out, and I want to commemorate that date with another deep, deep thank you. Songs from the album have found their way into homes, streaming services, TV shows, and independent films. I’ve played in your beautiful living rooms, and still have a couple more concerts to go (we’re working on the routing). Tallboy magazine is halfway through its run, and people are still getting the good news in the mail.

If you suffer from “Crowdfunders’ Remorse,” a term I just coined, meaning, “I wish I’d gotten that custom _______ when I had the chance,” let me ease your mind. The best of the offerings are available at Bandcamp: https://mikeerrico.bandcamp.com/merch

Lyric prints, lithographs, subscriptions, all there. One bummer: we are out of Large Minor Fits t-shirts, BUT there is actually a WIDER array of colors and styles than there were for this campaign. There’s also more music there than on any other service. Free live downloads, remixes, etc. All there. Vicious Circle? It’s there. Live story about being chased by rats while trapped in a subway? Oh, it’s there.

That’s the news. I hope you’re well, and you’re enjoying the art you helped me create. I appreciate it.


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AccessPass Update

Campaign Over. Final Thoughts.

Final tally. Guys, this was amazing. I did not know what would happen, or whether you’d even be into the crowdfunding thing, and it exceeded every expectation. I’ve loved hanging with you, gettin...
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Free last-minute downloads just for checking out the Mike Errico campaign

Even if you haven’t contributed yet, you can download “Shook Me All Night Long,” “Daylight,” AND the deluxe edition of “Pictures of the Big Vacation.”

Why: Because I’m glad you’re here, and because I hope you’ll take a look at the ‘Minor Fits’ campaign before it ends. The goal has been reached, but from here on out, future support will go into reimagined versions of these songs and new projects I’ve already begun sketching out.

So take a look around. House concert? As a gift for a friend? Speak at your school/institution? Lyric prints look cooler than you thought? One more T-shirt? Now’s the time.When the ball drops in Times Square, NYC, this campaign closes.

Thanks again. It’s been a joy and a privilege to be in contact with so many of you. I’ve enjoyed coming to your homes and creating custom-made art for you.

Let’s have a great 2018.



This one's not on the album. I recorded it as a thank you. You've been so generous, and I'm just trying to keep pace.

Also, here's the instrumental, in case extreme karaoke is required. (No judgments. I understand.) - M


Pictures of the Big Vacation [Deluxe Edition]

Another thank you to all of you for your support. Some of you already have it, but it's not so easy to find for others. Well, now it is.




You Shook Me All Night Long

It's not on the album. But it was done during the sessions, and I wanted you to have it because your generosity is...well, I can't even. Thank you. A million times.

We've met the funding goal, but please don't let that fool you. An album is expensive business, and in order to promote it and get it to people, it takes all the resources I can gather up. So take another look at the store. Anything in there tickle your fancy? Wanna pull the trigger on a house concert in Northern Cali, Cleveland, NYC, or the New Hampshire area? Do it. Do it now. Or live a life of "what if?" What a tragedy that would be.

But F the Pledge talk, let's rock. Here ya go. AC/DC's classic, done the way I do it. Finally. Note: the guitar solo is the original Angus Young solo that I learned and then placed in this tempo and time signature. I thought it was so obvious, but I get blank looks. Now you know.

Thanks again everybody - I hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it.


AccessPass Update

Update re: Pledge orders, house concerts, the Holiday Show, etc.

(Last week, talking about streaming music and how it affects song forms. Always grinding.) Hey all: As of yesterday, I have completed all lyric prints and sent them out. Have you seen them? The...
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