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So long, PledgeMusic

Hi Pledgers, This may be the last time you receive an update from me, because PledgeMusic’s website might not be up very much longer. Please read this: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/05/0...
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Old Language video

Hey Pledgers! I’m excited to share the video for “Old Language”. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/FHumBZLwpMA I wrote this song when I was living in New Orleans in the summer of 2017. I ...

PledgeMusic is NOT paying their artists

Dear Pledgers,

This is a tough pill to swallow. With much disappointment and frustration (and hesitation), today I have to let you know that PledgeMusic is in breach of their contract – and I am far from the only artist affected. They are significantly late in paying me much of the funds you generously contributed toward my project. BUT there is a call to action I am humbly asking of you …. so please read on (and thanks in advance!).

The agreement PledgeMusic offers its artists is:
- PledgeMusic takes 15% commission of all the funds
- When the goal is reached, artist receives 60% of the goal (minus Pledge’s commission)
- When the digital album is sent out, artist receives another 25%
- When the last of the exclusives (CD’s, T-shirts, etc…) have been received, artist receives the last 15% of the goal, PLUS the rest of the funds that exceeded the goal (minus Pledge’s commission on that too)

Together with your awesomeness, we raised 152% of my original goal! When the goal was reached in May 2017, Pledge sent me 60% of the original goal. That has been the only money I have yet to receive from them – and they have gone almost completely MIA when I have asked them when they plan to pay me the rest.

Of course, your credit cards and debit cards have been charged, and your money has been used – but I cannot tell you specifically what 55% of your money has been used for. Not my project so far.

I do not feel embarrassed about this – only very frustrated, angry, jaded and sad. At the time of my campaign, PledgeMusic was a very well respected platform used successfully by many independent artists and the likes of Ben Folds Five, Barenaked Ladies, Rufus Wainwright and Weezer. Plus, they were very helpful in getting my campaign set up.

So what happened? I won’t go into too much detail here. I’ll only say that many many artists, big and small, have been affected in 2018 – some got paid many months late, and some of yet to be paid a cent! It seems we have a case of completely irresponsible corporate mismanagement (and possible worse) lacking in transparency.

Here are some high-profile articles and blog posts about the shit-show that is currently PledgeMusic. Though it seems artists have been scared to speak about it, and not enough has been written about it.

The highly respected music industry commentator Bob Lefsetz JUST wrote an expose about it last night, and his newsletter is read far and wide. Here is a link to it: https://lefsetz.com/wordpress/2019/01/22/pledge-music/
Hopefully, the attention sparked by Lefsetz’ post will lead to more awareness.

Also, if you’re interested:

My experience:
My friends and peers The Good Lovelies, Melanie Brulee and Andrea Romolo were all in various stages of dealing with the same issue in 2018. My Pledge campaign manager had been slow to respond to my emails, and when I finally called her at the number in her email, the ‘welcome’ message was from PledgeMusic, but when I dialed her extension, the man on the other end said that it wasn’t PledgeMusic – it was Interview magazine! When I got an email response from her about this, she replied that they “are still getting phones set up”. She CC’d the top executives of the company in our emails (as crazy as that sounds), and I have received no response from them. No phone numbers work.


Of course, I would love to get paid the rest of the money you intended for my project. I put in tons of hard work and time making the album and the other exclusives for you.

But this is more than just about me – this is about all artists and those who support them. BE AWARE …. PledgeMusic is STILL running campaigns for artists, they are STILL taking money from fans, they are STILL posting on social media about their work.

It is hard enough to be an artist, and a company like PledgeMusic is supposedly here to help go direct to fans and eliminate the middle man – to help artists sustain their careers and continue to make their art. Obviously we’ve all been seriously duped!


Please consider posting on social media, tagging PledgeMusic, tagging me and demanding that they pay their artists, that they pay me, that they should not be entitled to their 15% commission, etc…. They are under breech of contract. The more noise we make about this, and the more awareness we can raise, the more likely they will pay out – and more importantly, they will not get any new business from innocent artists and their supporters. ****

Here are PledgeMusic’s social media handles:
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/pledgemusic/
TWITTER – @PledgeMusic
INSTAGRAM – @pledgemusic

Also, here are mine:
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/mikeevin
TWITTER – @mikeevin
INSTAGRAM – @mikeevin

Thank you for reading
Thank you for supporting
Thank you for being good people in this world


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Recovering Romantic January 25

Hi Pledgers! Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the new album. What are your favourite songs so far? I’m excited to let you know that I’m putting out “Recovering Romantic” as the fir...
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CD's in the mail

Hi Pledgers! I just mailed out all the CD’s of “Evin On Earth” to those of you who ordered them. They look great! Please please please, let me know if your CD doesn’t arrive within a few weeks. ...