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The New Untitled Album From Mike WIlton

Please help support me to produce my debut solo album to be released in Summer 2018.


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Hi everyone! Mike Wilton here.

Some of you will know me in person, some of you will know me through my work with my band ‘The Standard Lamps’ who have released two albums (Sell Everything You Own, 2012 and Long Lost Love, 2016) and some of you will be stumbling along this page in curiosity.

Over the last year I have completed writing a third album, which I began recording at the end of last year in The Metway Studio, in Brighton. I’m really pleased that the album is now about 75% finished and sounding pretty great so far! The plan is to have the album completed and in your hands by Summer 2018.

So far I have funded the album myself, however due to the final costs involved in mixing, mastering and distribution I am now at a point where I need some support to get this album out to you!

It’s pretty tough these days to produce an album the way the artist wants it to sound. However, I know that with a bit more time in the studio and the right hands mixing it – an album will be released that you should be satisfied with (I hope!).

For those who are wondering what the album is going to sound like, I can tell you that the musical style and sequencing is much like The Standard Lamps albums, with variety being the top priority. There will be rock songs, blues, story-telling, pop and punk (to name a few…)

There will be guest musicians. There will be light and shade. There will be strings. There will be horns. But most of all my aim is for it to sound authentic and to be enjoyed.

So, if you like The Standard Lamps, if you like me, if you like musical variety, then please look at all the options and exclusive items you could purchase to support this album being made.

Thank you for your support.
Mike Wilton x


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Digital Download of New Album


Available in MP3 or Flac.

'Mike Wilton New Album' CD

'Mike Wilton New Album' CD

The brand new album on CD

'Mike Wilton New Album' Signed CD


The new album signed with a personalised note

'Mike Wilton New Album' Demo CD

54 left

CD of the new album in demo form.

A Selection Of Standard Lamps Demos CD

36 left

8 of Mike’s Standard Lamps demos on CD

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
42 left

Handwritten Lyrics For Any Standard Lamps or Mike Wilton Song of your choice!

Cover Song of Your Choice

5 left

You choose the song (within reason) and it’ll be covered, recorded and sent directly to you either via email or CD! Complete with a personal message at the start.

Acoustic House Concert

6 left

Mike will come and play at your house or at your party or special occasion!

I will play for about an hour, and will sing you any songs you want from my/Standard Lamps catalogue plus a few extra covers you may want.

For people who are interested in this and are further away than Kent/Sussex. Get in touch and I’m 100% we’ll sort something out!

Mike Recommends CD Package

4 left

Mike will handpick and send you 5 albums on CD that might make your life better with a handwritten note on why he has chosen them.

If you’re more of a vinyl nut, please get in touch and we’ll be able to sort something!

Recording Day With Mike (Solo Artists and Duos only)

5 left

Mike will record your song, produce and play on it! Recommended for Solo Artists and Duos. Includes Pre-Production

Location – Crowborough, East Sussex or at your house.

8 Hours – 10am-6pm

A Day In The Studio Working On Your Song

3 left

Mike will produce your, or your band’s song in The Granary Studio in Lamberhurst Kent. He’ll even play on your song if you want. Includes Pre-Production

'Mike WIlton New Album' CD + Demo CD

54 left

The brand new album on CD
CD of the new album in demo form.

'Mike WIlton New Album' Signed CD + Demo CD

54 left

The new album signed with a personalised note
CD of the new album in demo form.

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