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Michael Kiss

Michael Kiss commented

I received the latest disc by ME and found the mix to be awful, at least two DB lower than any current CD release, sadly this quality issue taints the music. Possibly a bad run???

Steven Burke

Steven Burke commented

This is how music should sound, not the over-compressed "hey look at me I'm a mastering engineer and can turn it to 11" rubbish we've been getting from major labels for the past 20 years. Crank it, enjoy hearing music that contains changes in volume unlike Coldplay's awfully loud last album or Adele's horrendously mastered "25".

This is a wonderful treat.

Eadierosephotography Armstrong-Jones

Eadierosephotography Armstrong-Jones commented

Still waiting for my cd, no help from pledge, just told me to get in touch with the seller, 19 August told it was shipped!!!

Michael Thon

Michael Thon commented

Me too, same problem. Also August 19th. Paid 71£. No Feedback...

Michael Thon

Michael Thon commented

Package is on its way...

Matt Lydon

Matt Lydon commented

Michael -- you said you received your signed CD correct? You're just waiting on vinyl. Vinyl, I am told by, is about to ship. Hope this helps.

Michael Thon

Michael Thon commented

Yes, the CD has arrived, very late but arrived...
Only waiting for Vinyl...

Shane McPherson

Shane McPherson commented

I am still waiting for my tshirt, has anyone received theirs yet???

Matt Lydon

Matt Lydon commented

Can you give your order number to look into?

Gary Shinner

Gary Shinner commented

Has anyone received their physical orders yet? I haven't :(
But love the digital download, great album guys, its like you have never been away. Cheers

Artist response

band commented

CD...looking at August ...thanks for the kind words Gary....m.e.

Chris Bain

Chris Bain commented

Got my signed cd today. Must say I am a little disappointed the band signed on the inside of the's just not going to look as good framed up as if they had signed the front. But I am happy I got the disc.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson commented

What's happening please? It would be really nice to know when to expect the physical item I've bought! An update would be appreciated.

Artist response

band commented

hi in August ...cheers m,e,

Jeff Koger

Jeff Koger commented

Any word on when the physical cd will be released?

Steven Biggs

Steven Biggs commented

fantastic, well worth the wait.

Trent Fordham

Trent Fordham commented

Just downloaded. Excited to listen to it! Thanks!

Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien commented

I just had the wonderful experience to see Modern English multiple times on-board the 80's cruise. I also spent quality time with Mick in the mornings, as we are both early risers, and chatted over coffee and cigarettes while watching the world go by. Just about every morning (and at other times), you could find us on the Lido deck in the smoking area, just enjoying the open seas. Mick is a TRULY humble, approachable gentleman, and it was my honor to have enjoyed some personal time discussing hypnosis, UFO's, some of the other entertainment on-board, and just life in-general. Thanks for making my cruise memorable Mick. It was truly MY pleasure. - Your smoking friend.....Bob