Modularism 2 - Noises Off

Law & Auder presents a 30-track 2CD set showcasing the sounds of the Modular Synthesiser by and for a new generation.

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Welcome to Noises Off the second in the Modularism series. A collection of tracks devoted to the modular synthesizer and featuring 30 artist new to the collection.
In recent years we have seen a revitalisation and explosion of creativity in this area from both manufacturers and musicians – a return to these endlessly customisable, generative, idiosyncratic voltage controllable machines in order to create and perform music by a new generation, for a new generation.
In this edition we have ensured greater focus on
the use of modular instruments in creating the
music. The continuing journey to uncover more remarkable practitioners has so far involved rocking up a modular meets, countless hours of trawling the web and, social media platforms as well as following up all those priceless recommendations. The quest, from the point of conception, is to showcase the diverse spectrum of modular music and unending creative approaches by users of modular synthesis.

Law & Auder Records 
We are probably best known for our highly themed double CD compilations, “combining an ear for the experimental with a broad-ranging conceptual sweep” and featuring many of the finest electronic music producers. The label that brought you the “groundbreaking" Avantgardism Drum’n’bass, the “tantric-mantric”, East-Westercism collection, “exploring those moments where the mystic vibrations of Eastern scales and instrumental textures fuse with the complexities of digital music”, Minimalism, showcasing the new breed of stripped-down, experimental techno and electronica, the “moody, broody”, low frequency, experimental Female Of The Species featuring women in electronic music, as well as the Luke Vibert and BJ Cole collaborative exotica album, Stop The Panic.

Featured artists:-
Andrew Huang, Angle, Ardisson, Bachelard, Benge, Cray, Designed to Die, D’Voxx, Elizabeth Parker, Fragile Self, Finlay Shakespeare, Ghost Hunter, Hiatusk, Jade Rose, Kams, Ladyphase, Luke Killen, Martin Orman, Metamono, MonoPol, Nina Richards, Norman Phay, Oora, Patrizia Mattioli, Robin Vincent, SunFalls, Supersentient Intelligence Construct, Vile Electrodes, XponentOne, Zoë Blade

Compiled by Phil Dickson-Earle, 
Mastered by Ben
 “DivKid” Wilson, Cover Art & Design by Jonathan Barnbrook
, (p) & © Law & Auder Records 2018

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Digital Download

Digital Download

Released 7th December 2018

30 track download of the second volume of Modularism: Noises Off.

1 – Andrew Huang – Tetrahedron
2 – Angle – Throbbing Gristle tribute
3 – Ardisson- Nothing Matters
4 – Bachelard – Your suit is cold
5 – Benge – Tone Flow No5
6 – Cray – Rosca Sala
7 – Designed to Die – Single Mother
8 – dVoxx – Oppsal
9 – Elizabeth Parker – Sitting In The Sun
10 – Fragile Self – Hour of the Wolf
11 – Future Sound Systems – Broadmead
12 – Ghost Hunter – Drift In
13 – Hiatusk – Self-playing Insincere Apology
14 – Jade Rose – Angry Synth Fugue in the Public Library
15 – Kams – Falcon’s Skin, White In The Ashes Of Sky
16 – Ladyphase – Slow Motion Ghosts
17 – Luke Killen – Machine Funk
18 – Martin Orman – Battle
19 – Metamono – Topolover
20 – MonoPol – Looking East
21 – Nina Richards – Ectopic
22 – Norman Phay – Miasma
23 – Oora – Ritorno
24 – Patrizia Mattioli – Sloth
25 – Robin Vincent – Raise
26- Supersentient Intelligence Construct – Precognition 2
27 – SunFalls – MachSeeq
28 – Vile Electrodes – Re Emerged 2
29 – XponentOne – Another Lifetime
30 – Zoe Blade – Railing

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