48 Hours Left! (+Listen to first single)

Hello everyone!

Hope this finds you all well. I’m currently on tour in Europe, running the songs for the new album and have my first studio session on the 17th of this month. I can’t wait to get working!

I wanted to give everyone a final heads up regarding the fact there is 48 hours left to make a re-pledge on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-album-hauntology/x/19726577#/

Huge thanks to everybody who already has!

Once again, the Pledge you made on PledgeMusic has been cancelled, as has the project due to the lack of possibility to run or complete projects on PledgeMusic at the moment (https://variety.com/2019/biz/news/pledgemusic-advises-artists-to-suspend-their-campaigns-1203131447/). I’m really sorry it has become more difficult than we initially expected, but the good news is the album can be made anyway. I’m so excited to finally share the new music with you!

All the very best, and once again, a million thanks for your support!

PS: You can now listen to the first single (& video) from the album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx4gafXuohs&feature=youtu.be

Quick Reminder (2 weeks left to re-pledge)

Dear all,

A huge thank you to everyone who has already re-pledged on my new Indiegogo page. This is a quick reminder that there are 2 weeks left before the project closes on there. Unfortunately re-pledging is the only way to stay on board due to PledgeMusic recently suspending all campaigns while it sorts its internal issues. Once again please rest assured the pledge you made on PledgeMusic has been cancelled. Thank you very much in advance and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Link to re-pledge: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-album-hauntology#/

The Project is Moving Platforms (Please read)!

Dear friends,

The issues with PledgeMusic and payments are still in the process of being resolved and I have decided that the best course of action in order for your pledges to be secure and for me to be able to deliver all promised perks will be to move the campaign. So, I am now on Indiegogo!


During all these delays I have had some extra time to ponder the project and realised that it needs to be a full album-- not just an EP. I have accordingly put an album teaser up for you on the new project page.

This Pledge project is now cancelled, meaning all your pledges have also been cancelled. As we had not yet hit the deadline, rest assured you were not charged. If you’d like to move to Indiegogo with me, that would be amazing.

Although this project is now cancelled on Pledge, you can still view updates such as this one.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I hope to see you on Indiegogo and if not, thank you ever so much for your support so far-- it means the world! And once again I apologise profusely that it didn’t work out here on Pledge.

I hope to be able to share some awesome music with you very very soon!


AccessPass Update

An update

Dear friends and fans, I wanted to keep you all up to date regarding the current situation with Pledge. In light of the recent news that came out regarding the platform’s financial issues, all fur...
AccessPass Update

Shooting the first visuals in Scotland!

Dear all, I’ve begun creating visuals for the first single off the EP, which I hope to show you very soon, in the magical Glen Coe! Scotland is very close to my heart as I spent 4 years studying i...
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