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Moorhaven EP III

We're releasing our third EP, and need your help to get it sounding as awesome as possible!

Moorhaven are a 5 piece metalcore outfit from Plymouth, UK. We’ve been together under the namesake since 2013 and have played countless shows within the UK & overseas. We focus on emphasising melody in our music, whilst infusing it with fast, technical riffing and some crushing breakdowns for good measure.

If you’re a fan of August Burns Red, ERRA, Polaris, or Killswitch Engage, we’ll be right up your street!

“Amazing second-wave metalcore” – Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats)

Having released two well-received EPs, we are heading back to the studio again and are now at a level where we want to aim higher and achieve more. We believe this is our best material to date and that likewise, it deserves the best production to date.

We’re calling out to all our fans, supporters, and potential future followers to help us on our journey. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to share the new tracks with you all, but we need your help for them to reach their full potential.

Head over to the Store tab to see what’s available!

Check out our last music video, Cornerstone:

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AccessPass: Digital Download of the EP

Digital Download of the EP

For the lovely low cost of £5, you can get a shiny, digital download of our new EP. You’ll also be entered into a draw, the winner of which will receive a sloppy kiss on the cheek from Evers.

(but which cheek?)

Signed Copy of the EP (One-off run)

Signed Copy of the EP (One-off run)

For £8, you’ll get yourself a signed, physical copy of the EP. Physical copies will only be available to people who pre-order on this Pledge page, so don’t miss out!

Exclusive t-shirt & signed physical copy of the EP

Exclusive t-shirt & signed physical copy of the EP

To accompany the release of the EP, we’ll be doing a limited run of t-shirts and hoodies, EXCLUSIVE for PledgeMusic backers! If you want to get your hands on one, as well as a signed physical copy of the EP, all you must do is ask*.

*and give us £15.

Exclusive t-shirt & signed DELUXE EDITION of the EP

Exclusive t-shirt & signed DELUXE EDITION of the EP

You’ve got the exclusive tee. You’ve got the signed EP. But you want more, don’t you? You greedy bastard.

For £20 you’ll get a deluxe edition of the EP featuring instrumental versions of the tracks. You’ll also receive guitar tabs* of each track, painstakingly created by Lewis while the songs were being written.

tabs will be in .gp5 format

Exclusive hoodie & signed physical copy of the EP

Exclusive hoodie & signed physical copy of the EP

It’s pretty bloody cold out, isn’t it? Who needs a t-shirt – get me that hoodie! That lovely, limited run, exclusive-to-PledgeMusic-backers hoodie….

Oh, and a signed copy of the EP, too. That’s what we’re all here for, right?!

Hoodie, t-shirt & signed DELUXE EDITION of the EP

Hoodie, t-shirt & signed DELUXE EDITION of the EP

You are a true MHVN fan! I’d call you a Moorhaven maniac, but that might not go down so well considering the old mental asylum that used to be in Moorhaven village….

For £50 you’ll get both the exclusive hoodie and t-shirt, as well as the deluxe edition of the EP featuring instrumental tracks and Guitar Pro tabs.

What more could you possibly want?!

Full Band House Concert

Full Band House Concert
3 left

For you, the EP isn’t enough. You need the full, deafening, slightly unsanitary and truly unforgettable Moorhaven live experience!

For £300* we’ll play for you anywhere in the UK – be it your front room, your sex dungeon or your local pub. So long as they’ll have us, we’ll be there!

You can also request a cover for us to learn and play. Any song. Be it Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ or Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Hammer Smashed Face’. (Quality of cover performance is…. not guaranteed).

*Being Devonshire lads, we’re based pretty far down! We’ll cover travel expenses within Devon, but if you want us to go any further afield, you’ll have to cover them. Seem fair?

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