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'Remember': Military Wives Choirs' album

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2018 marks the centenary of the end of World War 1. Fierce heroism from the troops at the Front was matched by the country’s women who raised children alone, nursed, and worked tirelessly despite the loss of husbands, sons, fathers, brothers and friends.

The Military Wives Choirs can tell the story of these women like no one else can, as it is ours. We want to acknowledge this poignant occasion through a special commemorative project, coming together with military bands across all three services to create an album like no other, with Remembrance at its heart.

Music for the album centres on our four exciting commissions where prestigious composers from the classical, pop and film worlds have sought input from choir members to help them write songs around the themes of remembrance, commemoration, patriotism and military life.

The album also encompasses music from ages past and present, referencing upbeat WW1 marching songs, iconic regimental and service marches, beautifully contemplative remembrance pieces and contemporary songs reflecting our choirs’ world, all with a fresh take through creative arrangements and collaboration with world-class military musicians from the three services.

Your support will make this possible. Preorder the album now through Pledge Music and help us to bring women in the military community together in 2018, whilst remembering those who served in 1918.

With your help, we will remember them.


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'Remember' 1918-2018 Album CD
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