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Announcing our first composers - the wonderful Joanna and Alexander L'Estrange!

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We’re delighted to officially announce the first of our composers who have written a song especially for the Military Wives Choirs, to be featured on our 2018 album – the wonderful Joanna and Alexander L’Estrange!

Joanna and Alexander L’Estrange have been a world-renowned musical partnership for over twenty years. They compose and arrange music for choirs, a cappella groups and television, perform as the aptly-named duo ‘L’Estranges in the Night’, and coach choirs in the art of singing jazz and pop styles. As well as composing, Alexander L’Estrange is a jazz double bass player and pianist, choral workshop leader and presenter, and Joanna is a concert artist, studio singer and choral coach, most recently appearing as a judge on Sky1’s new show, ‘Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’.

Their song ‘We Will Remember Them’, which can be heard in the background of the video on our Pledge Music page, has been written using choir members’ direct words on what Remembrance and commemoration means to them, including the lyrics:

• ‘standing shoulder to shoulder’
• ‘it is our duty, to make the world a better place’
• ‘gave the ultimate sacrifice’
• ‘as the poppy petals fall before our eyes’

Joanna says: “From the feedback we received, it’s clear that being part of the Military Wives Choirs is as much to do with mutual support of one another and the strength and sense of belonging which comes from singing together regularly as it is about the music-making itself. The act of getting together for a good old sing-song got people through hard times during the world wars and still does today. As our song says, ‘through our singing we unite, as it was then and still is now’.”

We have a very exciting opportunity to see Joanna and Alexander L’Estrange’s piece sung and recorded by the Military Wives Choirs in the studio – you can pledge here:

Or, if you would love to have the lyrics featuring the direct words of Military Wives Choirs’ members signed by Joanna and Alexander L’Estrange themselves, you can pledge here:

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