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Adela Hwly

Adela Hwly commented

Anybody heard any updates?

Mohammad AlAwwad

Mohammad AlAwwad commented

So are we not even getting digital downloads for this?

Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill commented

I supported this project because I love this artist’s work and I supported another Pledge Music project almost 10 years ago that was enjoyable. This time, it’s different. The lack of updates was concerning me.
Now with the album released, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll be getting our orders. The money I paid into this is long gone, so I don’t really care about that. I just can’t afford to get the new album separately at the moment and was hoping to be able to hear it today.
I understand Pledge Music isn’t being fair with how money is handled, but it would be nice to get some kind of update, either here or through some other means.

Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill commented

Sorry for the accidental double post. The mobile website is terrible.

Victoria Casteel

Victoria Casteel commented

I sent an email to Mystery Skulls and Luis personally answered:
Hi Victoria,
this is Lu Mystery skulls here
long story short, pledge music has gone bankrupt more or less and run off with the money...
that being said, I am going to be fulfilling all of the orders myself out of pocket,
the new CD is being made and should be to me and then to you within a few weeks to a month,
obviously the pledge thing has been devastating but I thought it would be better to just handle it and fulfill all the orders myself at this point,
thank you for having ordered , I couldn't have known pledge would go out of business :/
thank you for your patience -Lu

so he's going to get everyone's orders out to them but he's not making any money on this

Tristan Frost-Shields

Tristan Frost-Shields commented

Thank you for sharing this Victoria. I was worried, but hearing this makes a lot more sense. Luis is a good guy.

Lukas Adams

Lukas Adams commented

After I realized that I didn't get any emails regarding me obtaining access to the digital version of the CD, I went and bought it on Amazon.

Hopefully I'll still get the Signed CD?

I love you Luis, and I know that the mishap is on Pledge and their inability to pay the creators as promised.

Victoria Casteel

Victoria Casteel commented

Yeah I bought the digital on bandcamp so I understand that. He did say it may take until the middle of may or later for everyone to get their physical stuff, since they had to ship it to him first so it could get signed

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

Dear fellow music lovers. Please pull back your pledges while you still can. The caretakers of are taking your money and running off with it while the artist and listeners are left with nothing!! Revolt!!