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London SHOW! Merry Xmas!

Hello MV’ers! ​ We are excited to announce the following performance: April 12th – LONDON Scala –  http://buytickets.at/myvitriol/77110/r/pledgexmas The password for the tickets is: mv4life We...
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AccessPass Update

Radio debut tonight from The Secret Sessions!

The wonderful Steve Lamacq – who started everything for the band by playing the demo of “Always” on his show all those years ago – said he would be debuting a track from “The Secret Sessions” on BB...

Pledge ending thoughts...

Hey all you lovely people

It’s been just over a month since the release… and it sounds like all of you have your CDs by now, so we will be closing the campaign in due course! We wanna thank you for all the amazing feedback: http://tiny.cc/twtMV
It wasn’t easy getting to this point, so your loyalty and enthusiasm is really much appreciated. :)

I guess most album cycles are around 2/3 years but this sure felt a lot longer doing most things in-house without the usual team etc…. A little behind the scenes info: Since we initially launched the campaign, a lot of unexpected things happened in the world of MV. Seth relocated out of London with his family of 6(!) and both Tatia and Ravi suddenly had little additions to theirs. We always said health, sanity and family should come before all else…. and boy was that rule suddenly tested to the limit!

Rav and I took over as many roles as we had to -in between his new responsibilities- in order to see everything to fruition at all costs, even if it meant a heavy workload and missing any prior (well intentioned but now impossible) deadlines! I guess the lowest points of the journey were losing months of data, – and me ending up in hospital due to all the stress, but that’s all history now – all’s well that ends well. We made it to the end.

The good news of making a record in this way was that it forced us to develop new sets of skills which have made us far more independent – so it hopefully won’t be as arduous in the future as we improve them in time. The learning curve was pretty steep, but we always liked a challenge, I guess. Teething troubles have pretty much been the story of our bands life…. We were signed having only 7 songs, having been together 7 months and having played 7 shows. (It so happened that the alchemical symbol of Vitriol was a seven of sorts, hence the logo.) When we made Finelines – at a time when social media didn’t even exist! – we were a band still finding ourselves, despite the Top40s or whatever unintended commercial successes. (If anyone wondered if we ever intended to be a mainstream band – the name itself may be a clue :D “My what??”)

Our priority was always making the kind of music that inspired us to be musicians in the first place, not primarily for any marketing, profit or fiscal motives, -regardless of the commercial consequences. And it feels like we finally have the ability to do this on our own terms – to our own sole vision – so we really appreciate what this experience has given us. Sure, there are things we could improve upon – after all it was the raw first time doing a lot of these aspects by ourselves… but that gives us more to work on ;) As our perspectives change over time I guess we’ll always be ‘finding our voice’, but for this album it feels like we ‘found our sound’. I’m glad we chose to include a some of the newer tracks like ‘Rest Your Tired Head’, which had a slightly different feel etc, despite them inconveniently coming into existence very late in the sessions!

Right now, to us rock music seems almost dead. We refuse to let it die. Looking forward to working on more material when we get the chance to, and maybe playing some shows again. We’ve tentatively started work on tracks such as My Whole World Implodes, Into Yr Arms, Lesson Learnt, Cast Aspersions, as well as brand new material, – which has been really exciting.

We decided this project wasn’t meant to be a press /public exercise, just private thing between us and you – the core who have been loyal to us for years. So we wanted to communicate with you along the way, and share the journey through the ups and down etc…. but at the end of the day we just really hope you enjoy the record. In the end nothing else matters to us other than that. This was about leaving some enjoyment behind, to those who cared. I hope we have succeeded.

So again…. Thank you, thank you!
You’re the reason we keep doing this.


Som xxx

Edit: Thank you all for the comments – very touching reading them! We’ll try do one more post or so before this Pledge finally closes.

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And facebook page, soon to launch Insta etc
NEW VIDEOs will be on our YouTube channel: http://tiny.cc/MV2016