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No Fracking Way

Pledge to help make a music video to educate & inspire folks to save NY State from Hydro-fracking! NO FRACKING WAY!


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Am I the only one who thought natural gas was gonna be a good thing? From the blah blah I had heard (from folks like T. Boone Pickens), I thought it was safer and cleaner. A sane bridge to the green technologies of the future.

Well, I was wrong. Way wrong. Now we’re all playin’ catch up. (Still way behind Dick Cheney who saw fit to exempt these gas companies from the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts!)

I wrote No Fracking Way, and recorded it with John Sebastian, Eric Weissberg, and more than a hundred Woodstock, NY citizens singing along on the final choruses.

That’s all been cool and I’ve been asked to sing it all over the place…from fancy schmancy events in New York City, to living rooms in Sullivan County. And the song has been played at rallies from Ireland…all the way to Australia.

But this is a visual society. The only way I know to rally lots of folks fast and free us from this fracking nightmare is with a video. That’s why we want to make a it…to give it away! Give it away on youtube. Free! Make it available as a download. Free!

We recorded the song on our dime, but we just can’t afford to pay for the video. We need your pledge.

In return for your minimum participation, you’ll immediately receive the download of the single. And if you give more, we’ll come up with some stuff you might want. And if there’s something you want that we didn’t think of…I’m sure we can make a deal. We really want to get this done, folks!

One more thing…when making your pledge, it would be great if you would link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help us reach your friends and followers who might want to join us.

I hope you’ll pledge and join us. Without good drinking water, there is no life as we know it. And I’d miss it, wouldn’t you?



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Signed CD


Your own personalized CD copy of “No Fracking Way”, signed by me!

Your name in the film credits plus a Signed CD.

25 left

Your name on film credits for posterity! Thanks for supporting our cause!

Dinner and a Movie

All gone!

For local folks only: Dinner and a movie with Susan and me. Assuming you live somewhere close, we’ll pick you up in our politically correct Prius and take you to the Thai restaurant of your choosing (within reason) and to a movie(2D or 3D).

Reflexology by Ann King

5 left

Wake up your mind and body with a reflexology treatment by Ann King (for those in the Woodstock, NY area)

New CD plus entire back catalog

24 left

Receive the new album on CD as well as any or all of the more than 12 discs that I’ve done that you might want(and are in stock), including the infamous and never-released “Veil of Fog” that features performances by Garth Hudson on keyboards and metal tie!

All available CD's and rare vinyl classic album

5 left

Any or all of my CD’s PLUS a vinyl copy of the 1980 Marc Black Band album featuring ‘Fat Man’ and “Light in your Eyes”(The album photos alone are worth it).

Three-year concert pass w/green room access

27 left

A three year pass to my shows and a hang in the green room with the band including pre-show, tasteless jokes, diet soda and other perks.

Sit in on a recording session

1 left

See and hear how it all happens by attending a future Marc Black recording session at our mutual convenience.

A co-writing session with me

1 left

A full day song co-writing session with me at your place or mine.

House party gig

3 left

I will come to your house and play for you and you friends!

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