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Andrew Wayne

Andrew Wayne commented

Will any of the items go back in stock? I wanted to get something like the signed handwritten lyrics poster. I lost my best friend/brother to drugs and finally suicide. It's been almost 2 and a half years now. His would be 29th birthday is coming up in just a few days. I have been listening to "Jenny" and "God Went North" on repeat daily for weeks now. They help deal with this time of year. I'd love to help with your cause as my own band sings about mental illness, the stigma of it, losing people/yourself to it, and the corruption of the system itself that's put in place to "help." This is very near and dear to my heart. Thank you for any help or consideration in advance.

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

sorry, they won't. BUT! We will be launching new items next year. Thanks!

Andrew Wayne

Andrew Wayne commented

Awesome. Looking forward to them. Thanks! There an approximate time frame to check back?

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

Late January should be good..

Marck Corfitz

Marck Corfitz commented

Hey Guys, i have bougth 2x VIP for your show in Denmark (20. November) as a present for my dad, and my sister.

I just wanna know how the tickets are gonna arrive, and some information about how the VIP works.

Cant wait to meet you guys!

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

Hello! Your name will be on a list at the venue. No actual tickets will be issued. You will receive an email with instructions in about a week. See you there!

James Daniels

James Daniels commented

Would you guys consider doing more signed vinyls? I would love to get one!!

Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer Thompson commented


I order the meet and greet in August and I'm wondering what the next step is?

The show I'm going to is in October.
Do I print the emails with what I paid? Or do I receive a email closer to show date?

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

Hi Jennifer. You should have received your instructions by now. Let me know if you haven't by email at Thanks!

aniela cardinal

aniela cardinal commented

Hi I purchased the meet and greet for the show tonight in syracuse ny and I still haven't gotten an email with any details. I live 3 hours away and I really need to plan what time I will be getting on the road today. Thanks!

Connor Milmine

Connor Milmine commented

Hey there! I ordered the meet and greet for my sons birthday, who loves you guys! He's going to the concert in Bozeman on Oct 29th...if you don't send passes and just go by names on the list how do I change it to his name as I am the one that purchased it and my name is on it! Thank you!

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

Hi Margaret. It does include a poster and the guys will sign other items you can purchase if you like. Thanks!

Margaret Rushton

Margaret Rushton commented

I bought a bus meet and greet for my daughter and I. Since it doesn't say, my daughter wanted to know if there is any merchandise or autographed items included?

Melinda Droz

Melinda Droz commented

Can't wait will be at the show in st Pete also doing the meet and great!!! This is a great cause and I'm glad I can help support such a great band!!

Will Hoffman

Will Hoffman commented

Hi Austin. At some festivals we aren't able to do these. Maybe next time!

Austin VanSumeren

Austin VanSumeren commented

Dang! Would have loved to meet the guys!