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O - Part Two Of L.O.V.E

The EP “O - Part Two Of L.O.V.E” is the second part of a four piece saga called “L.O.V.E” - Help me fund them today!


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The EP “O – Part Two Of L.O.V.E” is the second part of a four piece saga called “L.O.V.E”

“L.O.V.E” consists of four separate EP’s with four tracks each, that will be released every 3 months during 2011.

I had a great response raising the money to release the first EP “L – Part One of L.O.V.E”, not only was the fans influencing and enabling the release, they also got access to the making of “L – Part One of L.O.V.E” trough exclusive videos, demo releases, blogs and my musical journey. Check out the project for the “L – Part One of L.O.V.E” here:

This is how you can be a part of this:

1. Make A Pledge
Invest in an exclusive item in the list on the right, whatever appeals to you. The list includes signed memorabilia and other personalized treats. You won’t be charged until I reach 100% of my target, unless you’re using PayPal, in which case you are charged immediately. If I don’t make my goal you’ll be refunded.

2. Link Your Social Networks
Take a second and become my viral marketing team. Update summaries and milestones will auto-post to your accounts automatically. Then your friends will want to pledge along with you.

3. Enjoy Private Updates
I’ll be posting exclusive videos, mp3’s, photos, and blogs throughout our journey. You’ll be able to comment, so if you have any interesting ideas, let me know.

4. Receive the download first
Once completed, you’ll be the very first to receive the download of the album. I’ll then be furiously fulfilling all of your items, and the PledgeMusic project will then come to a close.

5. Feel good about helping
20% of the profits after the project is funded will go to “Project AWARE Foundation” that works in partnership with divers and water enthusiasts to combat challenges facing underwater environments. Project AWARE and dedicated volunteers are committed to conservation initiatives including:

Underwater Cleanups and Marine Debris Prevention
Coral Reef Conservation, Monitoring and Data Collection
Shark Education, Reporting and Conservation
Improved Management Policies and Marine Protection Efforts
Environmental Training for Divers and Education Programs for Kids

It means everything to me if you could be a part of this musical saga, and by working with Pledge Music you now have the opportunity to get involved with my music at an even deeper level.

I run my own label, produce everything by myself and I’m very hands on with the music and everything around it. All the bundles are endorsed and personally produced. They represent a personal part of me and I want to share that with you.

Please do keep checking back for updates and you can always hang out with me on and I look forward to our journey together.

Sofia Talvik

20% post goal
20% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Project AWARE Foundation.

Sample Artist Tracks


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: "O" EP Digital Download

"O" EP Digital Download

Part II of my “L-O-V-E” EP series in digital format plus access to all of the updates!

"O" - Handwritten Postcard


A personalized handwritten “L” postcard from Sofia Talvik

"O" - Physical EP (Signed)


EP signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured. Note that the official release will only be digital so this EP is exclusively manufactured for you.

Download 2 of Sofia's early demo songs


Get 2 of Sofia Talviks’ early demos as a download. BUT: these are not just demo songs, these tracks are unreleased and you´ll be the first one listening to it

"O" - Poster - Screen Printed (Signed)

22 left

Personally screen printed “O” poster. Handmade by Sofia Talvik and personally signed.

"O" - Tote bag - Custom Screen Printed

27 left

Custom designed “O” tote bag. Designed and custom screen printed by Sofia Talvik

"O" - T-Shirt - Screen Printed

28 left

Custom T-Shirt “O”
The “O” t-shirt in the “L.O.V.E” saga is designed and personally screen printed by Sofia Talvik.

Thank you call


Get a thank you call from Sofia Talvik

All of Sofia Talvik's previous releases (4 CD's)


All previously released CD’s from Sofia Talvik’s back catalogue delivered to your mailbox. Personally signed.
Blue Moon – 2005
Street Of Dreams – 2007
Jonestown – 2008
Florida – 2010

Handwritten unreleased poem from Sofia Talvik

All gone!

You will receive a poem from Sofia Talvik, that the world doesn´t know so far. You´ll be the first to read it!

Exclusive "O" EP package - EP, TShirt, Tote Bag and Postcard


Get a complete exclusive package including all merchandise from the EP “O”

Original, Handwritten Lyric Notes

4 left

Sofia Talvik’s original, signed handwritten lyrics notes from chosen song of the “O” EP.

"O" - Mystery Box

3 left

A box full of fun and secrets

Skype Concert (Worldwide)

1 left

I will play a live concert for you on Skype anywhere in the World.

I Will Paint Your Portrait

2 left

Send me a photo of yourself and I will paint your portrait and personally sign it.

Hand painted & signed acoustic guitar

1 left

A uniquely hand painted acoustic guitar – personally signed by Sofia Talvik and delivered to you.
This is a one off item designed by Sofia Talvik

House Concert (Sweden)

1 left

I will come play in your living room or at your club anywhere in Sweden.

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