TrickS Vinyl Test Pressings

Our quality control department is reviewing the initial TrickS test pressings. The results are in: they sound exceptionally warm and awesome.

We are pleased to take another step forward in the lengthy manufacturing process!

Special thanks to Damsel in the Dollhouse for video wizardry.

Tricks made with UAD

We have gotten lots of questions about gear, as many of you are great musicians and sound tweakers

At the start of the project, everyone involved made the jump from Avid to UAD hardware and software.

This includes the record and the tour.

As owners or users of most of these hardware units, we are amazed at the modeling work done by UAD. Nothing else comes close.

In the future we will take a look at the making if the record, and show how some of these tools helped us make the sound.

Thanks to UAD for letting us try the entire collection of plugins during the making of trick…

We narrowed it down to a few that wa used most often…

Here are some.

Strange Dark Land


This week has been spent finalizing all manufacturing decisions, and choosing the most reliable and fast way to get product to you. We are also finalizing the launch of a new ohGr store which will open immediately following the prerelease of your pledge digital download.

Digital Tricks on streaming services and digital stores will launch at the time physical product is delivered.

At this point, there are a few logistical details to sort out so that our transition from pledge to our new store is seamless.

This is important to avoid a gap where the pledge download is in peoples hands, but unavailable for sale.

Your downloads will precede the shipping of physical product, and an exact date for your pledge download will be provided the second we get an exact launch date from the ohGr store’s provider.

As many may have noticed, some products are starting to disappear from the store.
Although we are printing a small amount of overages to accommodate some last minute orders or damage, some specialty products associated with the campaign will be limited to the campaign, so that the supportive few who have made this possible will have the unique items they deserve.

For example, Tricks signed and numbered vinyl pledge edition, is special to to those who supported us to make this happen. There may be a few extra copies at the end, but nothing substantial.

Although being our own label requires new skills we had never imagined needing at the beginning of our music careers, and more work in every direction, it is necessary for growth and survival at this point in time and technology.

In the end, this can be a great experience for all of us as we move forward to more creativity, and a refined business model based on the lessons learned here.

So, we greatly appreciate the support in laying the ground work for not only Tricks, but the future of ohGr.

We will do our best to reward your patience and understanding far beyond the closing of pledge.

Thanks again,