AccessPass Update

Shipping and manufacturing.

HELLO We met up in Dallas to sign all of the actual product, as we felt the suggested signature cards were not in line with the standards we have for our project, or the prices charged. Everythin...

TrickS Vinyl Test Pressings

Our quality control department is reviewing the initial TrickS test pressings. The results are in: they sound exceptionally warm and awesome.

We are pleased to take another step forward in the lengthy manufacturing process!

Special thanks to Damsel in the Dollhouse for video wizardry.

Tricks made with UAD

We have gotten lots of questions about gear, as many of you are great musicians and sound tweakers

At the start of the project, everyone involved made the jump from Avid to UAD hardware and software.

This includes the record and the tour.

As owners or users of most of these hardware units, we are amazed at the modeling work done by UAD. Nothing else comes close.

In the future we will take a look at the making if the record, and show how some of these tools helped us make the sound.

Thanks to UAD for letting us try the entire collection of plugins during the making of trick…

We narrowed it down to a few that wa used most often…

Here are some.