AccessPass Update


So I promised you a 1st July release and I believe 10 minutes to midnight still counts :) I ever so hope you enjoy this album, I might be setting myself up for a fall to say it’s my favourite album...


I’m sorry I disappeared! I turned property developer for 6 weeks, smashing a house to pieces and rebuilding it. In good news I learnt how to plumb a bathroom and lay floors, in bad news I put even more time pressures on finishing my album!! It’s OK though I have full faith that it will be ready for release on July 1st…and here’s a taster of what’s to come:
Buying the album through Pledge means you’ll get to hear the whole album months ahead of anyone else (releases worldwide in autumn) so please Pledge…let’s hit the 150% mark!
Thanks for all your support so far…keep it coming…xx

Nearly at 100%!!

Wow…you guys, some super generous pledging has got me within tipping point of my target in just 9 days. The pledger who gets me to that 100% wins a special prize, here’s a new song I’m writing right now in celebration of having such awesome fans…and don’t think just because I’m near my target I don’t need your pledges, let’s make it 200% if we can!!