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New album and bonus e.p.!

Join me in making my new album and bonus e.p. Pianos and drums and violins...oh my!


of goal

One night in 2010, I starting banging on the piano, crafting a new song to inspire myself. I played the song that became Heliotrope a few days later on a webcast and my music has taken off in ways I could have never imagined. Under the Radar magazine posted my song on their site and since then, thousands of people have listened to Heliotrope. It inspired me to write a whole new album and bonus e.p. of material, which I have been recording over the last 2 years. The time has come to finish my recordings and I want to invite YOU to be a part of the process.

By becoming part of my Pledge campaign, YOU have the power to make my music the best it can be. You get to choose your level of participation and in return, you will get a finished copy of the album “It Is Happening Again” and the “Miniatures” e.p. along with exclusive access to the creative process. You will become the voice of this project when you link this page up with your Facebook and Twitter. You will get the chance to own limited edition copies of my work, listen to new songs, watch video updates and give feedback on the new songs. The best thing about Pledgemusic is the collaborative atmosphere it creates and I invite you all to become a part of this adventure with me. Your support is invaluable and I won’t be able to do this without you.

You can watch the video for Heliotrope right here and take a listen to the finished songs for It Is Happening Again on my Bandcamp site. After we reach 100% of our goal, a portion of the proceeds from this project will go to the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness Based Education and World Peace. This organization is dear to me as it advocates and teaches meditation to help at risk populations. As someone who works with children with special needs, I am passionate about helping others on their own journey through this world.

Thank you to everyone who is reading this…I am so excited to be making music but most of all I’m excited to be making it with you!

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to The David Lynch Foundation.


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AccessPass: It Is Happening Again + The Miniatures e.p.

It Is Happening Again + The Miniatures e.p.

“It Is Happening Again” is a brand new album of confessional, epic, surreal songs, featuring the wonderful talents of my gorgeous friends. “Miniatures” is a collection of songs recorded on my iPhone in the dead of night on tiny instruments.

"It Is Happening Again" CD + digital art pack


Physical copy of “It Is Happening Again” of the above rewards plus a digital art pack featuring the awesome photographs taken of me by Zoe Ruth Erwin!

"It Is Happening Again" on CD + art + Miniatures e.p.


Physical copy of “It Is Happening Again” on CD + digital art pack AND a digital copy of the Miniatures e.p.!

Handwritten lyric sheet + It Is Happening Again + Miniatures

10 left

Hand written lyrics for a song of your choosing from It Is Happening Again

Heliotrope+ It Is Happening Again + Miniatures+ art

25 left

All of the above plus a limited edition copy of the Heliotrope single (signed by me if you are into things like…signed limited singles)!

As We Are + Heliotrope + It Is Happening Again + Miniatures

22 left

CD Copies of It Is Happening Again, limited edition Heliotrope single, digital copy of Miniatures, digital art pack AND a physical copy of As We Are, my album based on Anais Nin’s diaries!

Hand decorated USB with my entire catalogue


A hand decorated USB stick with my entire catalogue on it, including It Is Happening Again demos! That’s right. If I recorded it, it will be on here, no matter how old and mortifying/endearing.

Video Thank You Card + all the music


Video thank you card of me singing thank you just for YOU while playing one of my weird instruments. Your choice: omnichord, ukulele, toy piano or marxophone.

A Year of Postcards + all the music

8 left

Get a unique postcard every month from me. Just like Instagram but you know, in real life! Plus all the music of course.

Video chat session + all the music

10 left

30 minutes video chat session with me! You’ve got all the music listed above and now you’ve got the chance to virtually hang out. I can guarantee I will say something ridiculous as it happens whenever I open my mouth.

Free admission to shows for a year + all the music

10 left

Free admission to any of my shows for an entire year! If you are there and I am playing, you are totally on the guest list.

Your very own song + all the music

9 left

Got a great idea for a tune? You get a song written just for you! I did this for my fundraiser for my first album and it was awesome. You pick the topic, I write the song and send you a recording of it.

Hand bound book of lyrics + all the music

3 left

Personalized hand-bound lyric book of all the songs from It Is Happening Again and the Miniatures e.p

Los Angeles House Show + all the music


I will come and play at your house! You must either live in Los Angeles or within a 2 hour driving radius. I will kidnap as many bandmates as possible too.

Los Angeles Adventure + all the music


Go on an adventure with me in Los Angeles! I will happily take you on a silly adventure of your choosing. Hopefully it will involve music and cupcakes (not that I’m trying to sway you or anything).

Music producer credit + all the music

5 left

Co-producer credit! You get each mix as I get them, the first views of the artwork for the album and the e.p., and a unique view of my music as it gets made.

House show ANYWHERE in the US + all the music


House show anywhere in the U.S. outside of the Los Angeles area! You’ve got me and my piano at your disposal.

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