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October 11! Record Release Show + New Single!

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It’s happening! We will be releasing our long-awaited record to YOU on October 11th along w/ an extra special record release show at The Sinclair in Cambridge! This is our first time headlining this amazing room and we are SO excited.

Yes, this album has taken FAR TOO LONG for many, many reasons (where do we begin?), and we thank you for your infinite patience and sticking around. We hope it’s worth it — and we heard from some folks who received the vinyl that it IS indeed worth the wait.

The folks at Vanyaland premiered our new 88-second single, “Headache” this past Friday. It’s a loud and fast one about getting a concussion and heartbreak (e.g., very fun stuff). We’ve included a download here too.

Tickets are now on sale for October 11th at The Sinclair below! This is not one to miss!


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