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"Fools" Premiere & Vinyl Is Here!

Hello, Pledgers!
It’s been a while! Under the Radar premiered our new song/video, “Fools.”
We hope you enjoy it! It’s posted on our Pledge Music page too w/ a free download. It’s also on Spotify.

The article also sheds a lot of light on what’s been going on with us and the record. The last year has been extremely difficult, so again, thanks for being patient and understanding.

That said, the vinyl is HERE and ready to be shipped to you!

So, look out for an email from us to confirm your shipping details since some of you may have changed addresses.

The record won’t be available to the rest of the world just yet — just our Pledge Music community until we sort out some boring, but exciting behind-the-scenes stuff. But feel free to tell your friends about how much you love it, because you will indeed love it : )

Enjoy “Fools,” and please give it a “Like/Love/Angry Emoji” wherever you follow us.

Such as:

You can follow us Spotify too, where we now have a “Parks’ Picks” monthly playlist for you to subscribe.


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