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Hey everyone! A bunch of you have now received the vinyl in the mail! Still waiting on a few more folks to update their addresses — you know who you are : ) — but here’s the album art by our good friend, Mary Lewey (

This hand-cut collage was created from vintage books and magazines and looks VERY cool on 12×12 vinyl!

Mary: “Collaborating w/ Parks was a natural fit. Our styles are similar: playful, nostalgic, thoughtful. Brian and I have a mutual trust in another’s aesthetic and instinct. For the art, he envisioned a striking foreground against a clean background. I was saving the ‘moody blonde’ mod for something special. This was it! The finished product is a real gem to see and hold, but especially to hear.”

We’re on the hunt for a small label who can help us with important, boring stuff in order to give this baby a REAL release to the world, but I’m shipping the vinyl out on a near-daily basis — they aren’t exactly easy to carry on the train : )

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