New Song "Summer of '94" Studio Footage

We were fortunate enough to be able to record our song, “Summer of ’94” at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, NY.
Here’s a clip of our guitarist Stu in the process of tracking the solo.

Rest assured, he nailed it on the very next take!

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Vintage Postcards + Thank You!!

We’re at 55% of our goal and for our third update, our bassman Matt will send you a personalized vintage postcard from his childhood collection as a “Thank You” for your Pledge!

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AccessPass Update

60% = Rough Mix of a Brand New Song!

We’re at 60% of our goal thanks to your support! As promised, here’s a brand new Pledger-only ROUGH MIX of an album track “I Don’t Want to Know You.” It is not mixed & it will sound A LOT better ...
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