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Aidan Cahill

Aidan Cahill commented

Count me in for a physical/digital copy of Behold and Vernon too please!! Dying to hear this! Thanks Paul :)

kyle mcintyre

kyle mcintyre commented

where can i buy/listen to this now that the campaign is over??

Erik Hansen

Erik Hansen commented

I would like to know as well.

Michael Grippentrog

Michael Grippentrog commented

Being late to the party... Any chance for buying the album anywhere?


Serkan commented

I want to know the same thing. Where can I buy or listen to this album...? This doesn't make any sense that there is no way to listen once the campaign is over!!!

Joe Kiernan

Joe Kiernan commented

Would also love to know how to purchase this now and the G3 recordings.

Borislav Georgiev

Borislav Georgiev commented

I just downloaded and listened to the album. I can only say WOW! The album is absolutely great! But the biggest surprise is the amazing production. Thank you so much, guys, for preserving the dynamic range instead of compressing it like Paul's previous records. I don't know whose idea was that, but I would buy this guy a beer. This is finally a feast for the ears! Please, keep the dynamic range like that to all the future productions too!

For those who are curious about the dynamic range, this is the analysis log from the DR meter:
Analyzed: Paul Gilbert / Behold Electric Guitar

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR9 -1.36 dB -11.39 dB 6:59 01-Havin' It
DR9 -1.45 dB -12.20 dB 4:52 02-I Own A Building
DR9 -1.43 dB -11.76 dB 4:54 03-Everywhere That Mary Went
DR10 -1.39 dB -12.21 dB 4:08 04-Love Is The Saddest Thing
DR9 -1.34 dB -11.49 dB 6:38 05-Sir You Need To Calm Down
DR8 -1.12 dB -11.66 dB 6:17 06-Let That Battery Die
DR8 -1.19 dB -10.91 dB 5:17 07-Blues For Rabbit
DR9 -1.39 dB -11.67 dB 3:56 08-Every Snare Drum
DR9 -1.42 dB -11.04 dB 3:49 09-A Snake Bit My Toe
DR9 -1.40 dB -11.51 dB 3:46 10-I Love My Lawnmower
DR9 -1.44 dB -13.01 dB 3:34 11-A Herd Of Turtles
DR9 -1.24 dB -11.43 dB 4:26 12-Things Can Walk To You

Number of tracks: 12
Official DR value: DR9

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 16
Bitrate: 894 kbps
Codec: FLAC

Rick Johns

Rick Johns commented

Paul, just signed up and bought the album. Longtime fan and fellow guitarist. Absolutely fantastic concept and execution. Very inspiring and creative tunes. Thanks for making it!

Bla Fasel

Bla Fasel commented

I missed the CDs, they are all sold out. :-(
Will there be reprints or any other way to get some?



Last One!
“Drill Pick Bit ”GET!!!

Antoine Prost

Antoine Prost commented

Any chance to have Vernon Solos to download ???
really disappointd to have miss this

Jay Meunier

Jay Meunier commented

I'd love to be able to purchase/download this as well.....

Travis Poole

Travis Poole commented

That would include me as well

Quintin Pace

Quintin Pace commented

I saw the Iridium vid on yt and was like, yeah, imma buy this now. So I did. The end.



Hi Paul, been following and listening to your music since like forever. Although I suck on guitar, truly, so I just invest most of my time listening and playing to your music on Air Guitar (well bits and pieces on guitar too, mostly). I'd like to say thank you for your music as it has been a great support to me as a person and as a human being. I hope you live up to 200 years old so you can make more wonderful music! Rock N' Roll! \m/



oh and i forgot to say the new album kicks a**!!! \m/

Tomer Cherny

Tomer Cherny commented

Hay Paul I gust whatchd the iridium concert on YouTube I was amazed how good the new songs sounded it was so much fun to watch can't wait to see you live again in Israel!!

Tomer Cherny

Tomer Cherny commented

"Just" a little spelling mistake