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Behold Electric Guitar - Available Now!

"Behold Electric Guitar" Digital Download Coming Today!


“Behold Electric Guitar” is finished! The digital download is being prepared and will be available today! (PledgeMusic is getting the files ready for download now, so it will be ready soon.)

This is one of the most enjoyable album making experiences that I’ve had, and a big part of that was my communication with YOU while I was writing the songs and putting the band together. THANK YOU.

Crank up the music and ROCK!


Release Date News, and New Song!

Hello! The recording of “Behold Electric Guitar” is finished! The band and I recorded twelve new songs, and John Cuniberti is mixing and mastering them this week. Early on, we decided to switch from “one mic” to micing the instruments separately. This means that a little more time is needed for mixing than our original “one mic” plan called for. But we still recorded live with no overdubs, so the mixing is going quickly. I’ve heard about 1/3 of the album already, and it’s sounding HUGE and EMOTIONAL.

I do want to make sure that everyone knows that the release date will be just a few days later than planned, and will now be Monday, SEPTEMBER 24TH (for the “Behold Electric Guitar” Digital Download.)

I have everything ready for “Vernon Solos” and “Super Detail Guitar” so those digital downloads will still be released on September 21st. (CDs are being manufactured now, and will ship when ready.)

Also, TODAY is your last chance, if you’d like to have your name in the liner notes. I need to finalize this list of excellent people, so I can complete the liner notes for the album. TODAY is also the last day to purchase “Behold the Bundle” since that contains your name in the liner notes as well.

This Video Update also include me jamming on one of my new songs, “Things Can Walk to You.” It’s me, singing about a problem, and offering no solutions…. except music, which at least brightens the day.

And I should mention that last week’s new song, “A Herd of Turtles” turned out AMAZING in the studio. It was the last song we recorded, and it grooved so hard that I was able to witness the usually cool and composed John Cuniberti wildly air-drumming and head-banging during playback. A good sign for sure.

Many Thanks, and Rock and Roll!