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The New Album

We're making a new album and we want YOU to be a part of it!


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People On Vacation started when Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup) and Ryan Hamilton got together to write a few songs. Before they knew it, they had an album’s worth of material and decided to start the band you now (hopefully) know and love: People On Vacation.

After a few years of playing shows and releasing music, the guys have decided it’s time for something new. They’re making a new album!

“We released the first songs we wrote together on an EP called ‘The Carry On EP,’ get it?? We are “on vacation” so we have “carry ons!!” Hilarious!!!," says Jaret, in a voice that sounds surprisingly like the popular mouse Chuck E. Cheese.

“The next several songs we wrote became our first album,” Ryan quickly rescues the conversation. “We called it ‘The Summer and The Fall.’ It accidentally became a love story…We couldn’t be more proud of that one!”

Jaret follows with, “But that release was so soft, because we started raising money for ‘Holiday Vacation’ before the album even came out…It was cool to have so much going on, but hard to pay attention to ANY of it!!!”

Welcome to our “POV New Album Experience!” We know we have the songs in us…And we know we will take this to the next level. But one thing’s missing….YOU! YES, YOU dummy!!

We need your help! Together, we can make this album come to life. The first album written from front to back with you being there the entire way!!!

By pledging, you’ll be pre-ordering the new record but you’ll also get to see and hear it all happen through exclusive updates. We might even name the album after you!

In addition, we’ll also be helping an amazing charity near and dear to us, the SPCA of Texas.

Let’s do this!!!

5% of funds
5% of all money raised will go to SPCA of Texas.

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AccessPass: Digital Download + Updates

Digital Download + Updates

By Pledging, you’ll get a digital download of the album as soon as it’s done! PLUS access to all of our exclusive updates throughout the making of the new album!

Signed CD

Signed CD
50 left

The new CD. Signed. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Cover Song EP download. *Only available HERE!


Exclusive cover song EP featuring:
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Round and Round
Give Your Heart A Break
Merry Go Round
Cum On Feel the Noize (newly recorded)
plus a NEW EXCLUSIVE to PLEDGE cover song

New Album on CD + Download

New Album on CD + Download

The new album available on CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

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