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Pesky Bones: Volume One

Pre order this this unique collection of accomplished, well-known Australian artists performing songs in diverse styles.


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Pesky Bones is a recording project where guest vocalists sing songs written, performed and recorded by me, Peter Farnan. My guests include Paul Kelly, Deborah Conway, Tim Rogers, Sarah Ward, Paul Capsis and others. 12 songs, 12 singers.

Pesky Bones is like a personal music player on shuffle. Rather than one sound and point of view there are diverse musical styles and singers. The themes cover accumulated experience, memory, age, sex, family, mortality, aching limbs, regret, transcendence and raging against the dying light. I would describe the aesthetic as ‘art pop-rock’; probing and restless but aiming to be accessible rather than confounding.

I am a founding member of Australian Rock Band, Boom Crash Opera. I am also a self-funded independent artist. There’s no big recording company here. I have largely completed the album but I need funding to to bring, what I think is a unique collaboration of Australian artists to the public: mastering, manufacture, video content, cover art, publicity. I believe this record is worthy of that last lick of polish and a decent push out into the world – I hope you believe this too.

Here is a full list of the vocalists on the record:
Rebecca Barnard: well-loved Melbourne-based chanteuse and songwriter
Ali Barter: up and coming indie singer/songwriter.
Simon Burke: member of Lost Ragas and The Meltdown: soul singer, Hammond and Wurly extraordinaire
Paul Capsis: legendary singer, stage and screen actor and performer; string of awards
Deborah Conway: singer, songwriter, artistic director, maverick
Charles Jenkins: highly respected Melbourne-based singer-songwriter
Paul Kelly: iconic Australian songwriter and singer
Sean Kelly: founding member of Australian rock legends, Models
Emily Lubitz: accomplished songwriter and singer from acclaimed acoustic act, Tinpan Orange
Tim Rogers: songwriter, actor, bon vivant, member of You Am I, solo artist
Dan Tobias: award winning, actor, writer, singer, and, as Otto Rot, one half of international touring act, Die Roten Punkte
Sarah Ward: actor, singer, writer and the voice behind Helpmann Award winner and nightmarish diva, Yana Alana.

By pledging you’ll receive a digital version of the album plus exclusive free access to bonus tracks released over the course of the campaign that will not appear on the CD. Then there’s more; extra CDs, songwriting consultations, workshops, solo house concerts and a listening party and performance at Ginger Studios (where part of the album was recorded). If you’re up for a collaboration send me a vocal (and a separate accompaniment) and I will produce a full Pesky Bones version of your song. Join the Pesky Bones collective. I’m also offering up rare, one-off Boom Crash Opera vinyl test pressings from my personal collection.

While I’m known as a performer, songwriter and theatre composer I’ve also done academic research into songwriting and I teach at a number of tertiary institutions. If you are a songwriter you might be interested in one of the workshop or consultation pledges. If you’re a music fan you might like to chat about Australian pop/rock history, my humble place in it and how this project came to be. You can Skype directly into my studio where I can open recording sessions from Pesky Bones (or other projects) and we can peer into the whirring cogs together.


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Rare Boom Crash Opera vinyl

4 left

One mystery test pressing from the 80s (could be an album, probably a 12" extended mix), one copy of the rare 12" Look Listen mixes of the Best Thing, plus a 12" extended mix of one other BCO hit in a bright cover. It’s a lucky dip: songs will be one of Great Wall, Hands Up, Onionskin, Her Charity, City Flat and others. This pledge includes a digital download of the album plus bonus tracks.

Songwriting consultation

17 left

I will listen to your song and email you a response, with comments and suggestions. This pledge includes a digital download of the album plus bonus tracks.

Handwritten Song Lyric

15 left

Hand written lyric to a song of your choice: I will include the couplets that didn’t make it and various annotations that may illuminate (or obscure) the song. I’ll include a CD signed by me. This pledge includes a digital download of the album plus bonus tracks.

Skype session

18 left

Skype into my studio. Send me your song in advance and I will explore your work with you. Alternately you can interrogate my music process, we can open recording sessions from the album or just chew the fat. This pledge includes a digital download of the album plus bonus tracks.

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