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Irah commented

Can anyone tell me please where to purchase sheet music of Peter Hollens BABA YETU version..?


vitaliy commented

Мне очень понравилась песня Baba Yetu...проникла до глубины души и осталась в ней...спасибо вам с Маликой за этот проект...

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins commented

Hello, just wanted to let you know that the signed sheet music I ordered in the mail today and I'm super happy with it, thank you! I understand the time it must have taken and I appreciate you taking the time to send all of these out ^^ I look forward to more of your music!


Anonymous commented

hello, i ordered a signed album and signed poster but they haven't arrived. is there any reason for this?
thanks and have a great day!


Anonymous commented

as a matter of fact i don't think i got access to your updates but i am 100% sure i ordered the poster and CD

Artist response
Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens commented

Can you plz email pledgemusic, every single person that actually paid should have already gotten their order.

Sarah Pearson

Sarah Pearson commented

Hi Peter,

Just had a quick question. I was wondering if you had an idea when you were going to get to the handwritten lyrics. I know you have been super busy, but just curious. I can't wait.


P.S. The album is amazing, I love it!!!!!!

Stephen McGowan

Stephen McGowan commented

Hello Peter, just received my signed album today, Its Great.
Love the O Shenandoah song its got to be my favourite song or maybe its les miserable or I don't know any more.
You inspire me Peter to keep singing, Keep up the Good Work.
just a question- Is this your Folk album or are u doing that later sometime, because I thought Scarborough fair was to be a track on that album?
Fantastic album though

Audrey McCord

Audrey McCord commented

I know you're super busy, but I was wondering if you're going to release any Christmas songs this year?

Robert Castillo

Robert Castillo commented

Jackie Evancho posted on twitter that you and she made a video of your duet with her singing Hallelujah. Do you know when it's going to be released?

Artist response
Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens commented

This month or next :)

Stuart Bluhm

Stuart Bluhm commented

i've listened to your album everyday since i got it. It's really awesome. I'm subscribed to you so i've heard some of these before and yet those songs are still great to listen to. Ones I haven't heard like Our Special Love and Black is the color- gave me g00se bumps. SUUUPERR thankful for all your hard work. PS. your son Ashland is pretty lucky to have a song like that just for him :) I hope he likes it.

Artist response
Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens commented

Thank you so much stuart... so happy you enjoyed the album so far!!!!

Shireen McFarlane

Shireen McFarlane commented

I wrote this on Twitter but I don't know if you saw it.
I just finished listening to your album, it's amazing! I'm listening to it again... You are so talented and I am so happy I pre-ordered this album, it is amazing! We are behind you 100%! :D

Artist response
Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens commented

Wow thank you Shireen!! So nice to come and read this!!