Were YOU at the Philip Lynott Exhibition?

We’ve already told our existing pledgers about this, but we want to be sure everyone else knows.

As part of this project, If you pledge for either the Luxury A4 Hardback Book or the Deluxe Large-Format Super Book, and have a photograph of themselves at the Philip Lynott Exhibition, in either Dublin or London, like Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie below, we will include it in the book.

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Philip Lynott : Still In Love With You – The Book of the Philip Lynott Exhibition

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The Philip Lynott Exhibition Banner

Some of the questions we’ve been asked most is about in relation to our exclusives is about the “Philip Lynott Exhibition Banner”.
Where were they used? How big were they?
They were used to decorate Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre to announce the fact that the Philip Lynott Exhibition had opened. It took about 8 hours late into the night the day before we opened to install them and they created a wow factor in SGSC that was hard to beat.
Here they are in SGSC

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We’ve just discovered some amazing Philip Lynott memorabilia!

Along with the amazing collection of Philo memorabilia that was on display at the exhibition, Philip Lynott: Still In Love With You – The Book of The Philip Lynott Exhibition will have exciting new material from the Hot Press archives as well as some treasured items from Philip’s life.

After spending hours with Philomena Lynott, going through keepsakes in her Dublin home over the last few days, we now have an extraordinary new collection which will give fans an even deeper insight into Philip’s life.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing a few of our discoveries and the stories behind them.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the gems we found!

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