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The Preacher's Shop Of The Future!

Help us get our new singles out to you by buying 7"s, t-shirts, posters, signed and hand-made goodies in advance! #BSP


of goal

The Bar Stool Preachers are looking for your help to realise our dream!

We’re turning this whole pledge thing on it’s head a little and we’re using this as an online shop to get some funds behind us. The main idea is a 7", but we also are ridonkulously excited to get some other awesome merch and more importantly more of our songs to you!

Every penny you pledge / spend in here, will be strictly and solely used to move forwards with the band. It’ll help fund more recording, more awesome speciality merch, more gigs and most importantly more good times!

So come on people, dig deep and help us get this show well and truly on the road!


AccessPass included with all items!

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AccessPass: One Fool Down MP3 plus Bar Stool Preacher

One Fool Down MP3 plus Bar Stool Preacher

The first ever single from the Bar Stool Preachers!
One Fool Down and Bar Stool Preacher in MP3 format, for all your musical devices!

Recorded at Beetroot Studios in Brighton.



Hand made T-shirts, ready for you to represent!

Letters/Stick Men!


Hand-written thank you letters from the band! They come with hand-drawn stick figures from our very own resident artist and gold toothed bandit, King Gibbs! On a very special manilla envelope…

7" Record!

7" Record!

Get your hands on the first ever 7" single from The Bar Stool Preachers!

7" Record in a Silkscreened Jacket!


7" in custom limited hand-made edition sleeves!

Signed T-shirts!

Signed T-shirts!
5 left

T-shirts signed by the band! Get the first ever batch signed by the band so you can say ‘Hey man, check it, this is the first ever piece of merch they made…!’

Silk-screened Poster!

Silk-screened Poster!

Deluxe hand-made, silkscreened and signed (or not!) posters featuring artwork from the first EP.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet


The song of your choosing, written out by hand in a very special way.

Your Name In The Liner Notes


Another way to be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. PLUS a signed 7" to show your mates just how cool you are!

Acoustic House Concert


Your place or mine? Personal visit/show from the band! (n.b. anywhere outside the UK will have to have cost prices [i.e. travel] added on!)

Be in a song!

Be in a song!
2 left

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to come and feature on a track on the upcoming album? If you can sing, you’ll be singing. If you can play guitar, you’ll be playing guitar. If you’re not very musical at all, well, we can provide a triangle.

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