All good things...!

Hello you lovely people!

First off, we apologise for the extended release date on our record. We PROMISE it’ll be worth it when you see the result…. we’re absolutely chuffed with it, and we really think/hope you will be too.

A little update then from the Preacher camp! We’ve been chained to the chugging Preacher Machine like some hard working house elves, working away on some really amazing and exciting ideas that we can’t wait to show you all in 2015. We’re writing new music every day, coming up with new ideas for releases and videos, getting in touch with people and of course as a lot of you know, gigging!

With the incredible support of all you lovely pledgers along with playing as much as we possibly could’ve so far this year, we’ve managed to raise enough funds to not only upgrade all the 7"s but also put in a cool merch. order, including some cool as flump bits we’d never planned on….

As an apology for the slightly late running of the release, we will be chucking some freebies into everyone’s order! We’re only 2-3 weeks out being able to get them to you, so thanks for your patience, it’s our first of many and we’re dead keen to get it right. We’ll let you be the judge ;)

As a further show of good will for the wait, attached to this update is the B-Side to our single…. Own Worst Enemy.

Give it a listen. Let us know what you think!

We’ve got some incredible gigs coming up, we’d love to see you at some repping your new Preacher Merch! Here are some of the ones that we’re ridiculously excited about:

  • Friday (6th March) at the New Cross Inn in Saaaf Laanddaaaan
  • PUNK AND DISORDERLY FESTIVAL in Berlin (17-19th April)
  • PUNKS AGAINST CANCER in Derby (11th July)
  • REBELLION! (7th August)
  • SLACKERS TOUR MOTHERFUCKERS! (All over the UK – September!)
  • UNDERCOVER FESTIVAL – Bisley (18th September)

We’re booking new gigs nearly every week, and even coming to Europe so there’ll be loads of chances to see us play this year…! If you know someone/somewhere you’d like to see us play, don’t be afraid to get in touch, we’re (mostly) nice guys (sometimes)!

New material is being recorded VERY soon and we can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Thank you all again for your pledges, we’ll be in touch very soon with all the Preachery goodness you can handle. We’re excited for this year, and as always please help us spread the good word Preacher!

Cheers and big love!
The Bar Stool Preachers

The Bar Stool Preachers - Step 1 Complete!

Hello and happy weekend to all you incredible people!

This week was monumental for the band and with all of your support we’ve managed to reach 100% of our original target! Not just that, but we managed it in only 20 of the 60 days we gave ourselves! That’s right, you lot have pledged 1000 pounds in less than 3 weeks! Go on, pat yourselves on the back! Thank you all so, so much. We love you.

With this money we can fully afford to fund the first single and 7" release, and all within the best possible time frame we could’ve dreamed of. Not only does it do that, this money will be used to record new tracks for the album, fund more amazing merch like new t-shirt designs and posters/stickers/flyers and help us get up and down the country to play more gigs. Soon!

A couple of special mentions are the two gents that pledged 250 pounds each for private shows of their choosing! Dave and Monty (and a bit of you Danny!), take a bow. We can’t wait to come and play for you. We hope you ALL know how much your pledges really mean to us.

We’re in the studio recording the new track for the 7" in less than a month, and we’re excited to get it out to you. In the meantime the first two singles will become available to download in the next 48 hours! So play it to your friends, stick it on your playlists, generally help us spread our vibes to the greater beyond!

All that said however…. we’re not done yet.

We’ve still got 40 days to go, and a load more great pledges and items for you to buy! As we’ve said before, every single penny pledged to our Dream Shop Of The Future will be used directly and solely to fund the band going forwards. The more money we raise, the more songs we’ll release and cool stuff we’ll make. The more people share, the more crazy incentives we’ll dream up. So now more than ever, we still need your help.

Please share this shop, like the band on all social medias, watch the videos and let’s spread the good word Preacher to everyone!

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks again.
The Bar Stool Preachers

Bloody Hell!

Today marked a monumental step forwards in our journey to achieving our goal and pledge target of 1000 pounds…. We reached an almighty 60%!

A very generous, very savvy bloke named Dave decided to pledge 250 of his finest English pounds for a Bar Stool Preachers gig of his choice. That’s right, we’re playing wherever he wants, whenever he wants (Christenings are slightly extra) and we can’t wait. In addition to all of this, he’s really helped us to get closer to making our 7" ambitions a reality.

Thank you to everyone who’s pledged so far, we can let you in on a little secret…. We have just finished making the arrangements for the A-side of the first 7", we’re going big and we can’t wait to show you all.

Please share and tell your mates about this project!

Thanks again!
The Bar Stool Preachers

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20% and counting!!!

Hello all you lovely people!

We hit an amazing milestone this week, and we can’t wait to put the money already invested to good use. With your help, we got up to the 20% mark and honestly can’t thank those that have pledged enough. To give you some rough ideas, you lot that have donated are now COMPLETELY responsible for us inflicting at least 1 more finished song on the world. Thank you again :)

We still need all of your help to do this though.

We really need everyone to share, tell their mates, help us drum up some more awareness and momentum behind our project.

We’ve got some really fun updates coming soon, more reasons to pledge, and well, generally more Preacher-ing. So come on! If you haven’t pledged yet, buy a t-shirt, a record, a poster…. anything!

We really think we can do something here. Be one of the first to get on this train.

Big love!
The Bar Stool Preachers