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New Album Campaign

We're looking to release a brand new album & you can collaborate with us !

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We are inviting you to join the PledgeMusic Campaign for our new album ‘Weakness of The Beautiful Souls’

A PledgeMusic Campaign is a Direct-To-Fan opportunity to benefit you (the fans) while being a part of completing our album.

Pledge/Pre-Order for The album as well as PK exclusives: ‘The New Coliseum’ E.P. CD, Posters, Signed items, have name in the albums thank you credits…. etc.!

Here’s how it works:
1) You pick one of the packages on the right-hand side.

2) You provide your card details, which are stored securely by PledgeMusic

3) If we hit the target, you are charged for the amount pledged; if we don’t, you aren’t! (please note: you can also pledge via Paypal and your pledge will be taken immediately and refunded if the 100% target is not reached).

4) “Weakness of The Beautiful Souls” gets finished and you receive your exclusives!

Thank you!

— Brandun PKx


AccessPass included with all items!

  • Digital Download
  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: 'The New Coliseum' [EXPANDED] - Album

'The New Coliseum' [EXPANDED] - Album

Due for release June, 6 2013.

'BONUS VERSION' of new album download


You will receive the download of the new album ‘Weakness of The Beautiful Souls’ + TWO BONUS songs that won’t be available anywhere else!

Mix CD 'Songs that Inspire PK'

48 left

I’ll burn you a C.D. of some of my favourite tracks that have provided me with endless inspiration and personally signed and delivered to your mailbox.

The New Coliseum EP Signed CD


W.O.T.B.S. Album CD


delivered to you as soon as it’s manufactured!

18 x 24 Signed PK Album Artwork Poster

293 left

Poster of our album artwork, signed in gold or white

Unreleased songs


Download of exclusive unreleased songs, rarities & demos! + download of the new album

Birthday card

363 left

Birthday card from me to you on your next birthday

Handwritten lyric sheet

27 left

Tell us the PK song of your choice and we will hand write the lyrics for you!

Signed W.O.T.B.S. Album CD

280 left

CD signed and delivered to your mailbox as soon as it’s manufactured. Plus ‘W.O.T.B.S.’ Download as soon as it’s complete.

Album Thank You List

All gone!

Your name will be included in the album liner notes in the ‘THANK YOU’ list

CD Signed & Previously released Signed CD

93 left

Signed CD of our new album plus a signed CD of our previously released material!

Record a cover song of YOUR choice

3 left

We will record and release online a cover song of your choosing. ANY song you love & dedicate it to you

Executive producer credit

4 left

Your name as executive producer on our new CD!

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