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jeremy commented

still waiting on my signed test pressing, I received the signed regular version of the album I ordered but no test pressing. Anyone else have this problem?

Peter Boyles

Peter Boyles commented

I haven't received anything either or even an email with the status of items that were offered. Has anyone received any information on their pledge?

Rose A.

Rose A. commented

I still have not received any items from my order! What is taking so long?

dennis m

dennis m commented

i was charged in february but still haven't recieved anything. i haven't heard from anyone and there are no updates on the website. hopefully someone can get some information. i could've just bought the stuff at the live show if i would've known it was going to take this long.

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards commented

Wondering if there was any updates on shipping dates?

Justin Roundy

Justin Roundy commented

I just got an update from support that things will be shipping at the start of next week!


TK commented

Thanks for the post. I have been inquiring about a signed drum head but haven't been getting a response. Good to know!

Nathan Hanley

Nathan Hanley commented

Has anyone gotten their vinyls yet? No word at all as far as I can tell. Update?

David Pirmann

David Pirmann commented

When will the vinyl copies be shipping?

Justin Roundy

Justin Roundy commented

That's what I want to know- I'm excited for my signed vinyl.

Steven Oldenburg

Steven Oldenburg commented

Looks like they are on the way. I'm excited too. I sent a request. Look under the upper right hand corner, and click on your order. I finally got a tracking number. Helps ease the mind knowing when they are coming. Understandable that it may be delayed, but looks like they are on their way!

Steven Oldenburg

Steven Oldenburg commented

Just recieved everything ordered today. Love it all!
Framed the autographed album, spun the vinyl, danced the samba