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Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver commented

Is there any way I can get the album art for the Influence EP? I JUST noticed that there was official artwork now, but I can't download it. Thanks!

Christopher Drake

Christopher Drake commented

When will Murder shirts ship out?

Danny Guerrero

Danny Guerrero commented

If I purchase the VIP ticket, may it be used at Joshua fest in Cali this week?

Jimmy Lamar Sorrells

Jimmy Lamar Sorrells commented

1. Where was the live album recorded?
2. Why did you stay with T&N after Truthless Heroes?

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

Picture Disc set arrived yesterday. The vinyl looks so good and the slipmat is going on my turntable. The slipmate is the P86 Logo with the wings from Siren & Knives, in red ink. The really cool part of this set is the 2 calligraphy pages. Andrew thanks for personalizing them and putting my name on the list in a different color. Only 1 of 20, so glad I ordered this!!

Kelson Pickering

Kelson Pickering commented

Is there any way to see when/if my vinyl has shipped? I got my shirt back in December, but the record itself hasn't gotten here yet. It shows that it shipped with the shirt, but obviously that's not the case, and I assume that's just an error with how Pledge shows orders.

Kind of worried it might have gotten eaten by the mail system but I can't really check that given it shows as shipped on Pledge :l

Artist response

Schwab commented

It has not shipped yet. will go out as a part of the next round of shipping in next few business days.

Kelson Pickering

Kelson Pickering commented

Awesome. Thanks a ton for keeping everybody up to date on things even in the midst of touring!

Chad Olson

Chad Olson commented

Andrew S. said the new version of "Twenty-Three" will be forthcoming, but that leaves some other questions up in the air. Will the Project 86 written history updates continue even though the album is out? There are approximately five or six tours and eight studio albums left to cover! Will we get the cover art for "Influence EP"?

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

So I noticed that in the album credits, Darren did the bass as well as the guitars. Does that mean Cody Driggers is no longer in P86 or was it just his schedule didn't allow him to be part of the recording process?

Ian Jones

Ian Jones commented

No EP in FLAC format? :(

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

Yes please!!! ... FLAC files of the Influence EP would be greatly appreciated :D

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

Also please include the Christmas song AND re-imagined 23 when its ready too, thx :D

Christine Lyons

Christine Lyons commented

FLAC EP please =) You all spent too much time I'm sure to stand behind mp3's of your work.

Zachary James Rudolph

Zachary James Rudolph commented

Album is great however the band's online promotion of the album is genuinely terrible.