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Chris Alter

Chris Alter commented

Apple Lossless ALAC files also?

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

If they don't at least you have lossless files to start with and you can do your own conversions

Gift Card Recipient

Gift Card Recipient commented

Is today P86 release day?

Matthew Ennis

Matthew Ennis commented

It is for us. I just hope it's soon at not midnight here on the East Coast.

Seth Majka

Seth Majka commented

Im on the east coast and still no notification, unfortunately.

Ryan Wiebe

Ryan Wiebe commented

Will the final album download include FLAC files? Would love to have a lossless version so I can enjoy as it was meant to be.

Leslie M. Levy

Leslie M. Levy commented

Calligraphy books printing soon? I know the parchments go out as you are able to get to them, but I thought the books would be out sooner. Are the lyrics from this album to be included in that? That would make sense for it to come out later.

Also...hoodie? I changed/updated my shipping address for my remaining 3 pledge rewards on PledgeMusic, so I'm hoping they didn't get shipped to an old Sacramento address. It should be a Petaluma address.

Kristopher Duke

Kristopher Duke commented

Will there be a cover released for the Influence EP?

Matt Hernandez

Matt Hernandez commented

For those of us that pledged for a autograph cd. Will we be getting physical copies of the album?

Chris Alter

Chris Alter commented

ALAC & FLAC file versions please?

Chris Alter

Chris Alter commented

FLAC please??

Vincent Trisciuzzi

Vincent Trisciuzzi commented

FLAC files ?? Please :)

Brent Friske

Brent Friske commented

What's the difference between the download versions?

Cyle Witte

Cyle Witte commented

Brent Friske, FLAC is a lossless file format, higher quality than MP3. FLAC is basically the same quality you'd get if you played the actual CD.

Jesse Orion Myers

Jesse Orion Myers commented

Any recommendations for adding an album cover to The Influence EP in iTunes? I'm open to suggestion. I just hate not having images associated with songs on my iPod.

Ryan Wiebe

Ryan Wiebe commented

I am just using the tentative art posted in the update

Ryan Wiebe

Ryan Wiebe commented

You could also use a recent group photo, like the one on top of the page