Vintage T-Shirt Designs

Thanks to everyone who has gotten us 1/5 of the way to our goal! Hopefully you guys are loving “Sabotage” and feeling thirsty for more! We just wanted to take a moment to focus in on one unique highlight of this campaign. We have brought back 3 awesome, vintage P86 t-shirt designs! We have the 2000 Chimes Tee, the 2002 Truthless Heroes Tee, and the 2004 Soldier/STBYBB Tee. This is the only place you can get them before they are gone forever. Help celebrate 20 years of P86, fund a new album and cover EP, and get in on the raffle for 2005 stage banners!

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Vintage 2002 Truthless Heroes Tee

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Vintage 2000 Chimes Tee

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Vintage 2004 Soldier/STBYBB Tee

AccessPass Update

New Package Just Released! Vinyl Only!

You asked, we answered. We now have the VINYL ONLY PACKAGE available, which comes with 1 song immediately, all 15 songs digitally as we create them, access to the amazing journal, shipping, and of...